Digital Assets checkin on Products

This scheduled task add-in is used to auto-assign assets to asset categories based on rules set on the asset category (Figure 1.1). 

 To use this scheduled task add-in:

  1. Select a Mode:
    1. File means the file name – e.g. PROD712.jpg or PROD712.xml – is parsed and the files associated with an asset category if it matches the rule set on it
    2. Folder mean the folder name – e.g. ‘PROD712-specsheet’ – is parsed, and all files under it are assigned to an asset category if it matches the rule set on it
  2. Optionally check Partial run this causes the scheduled task to only look at files added to the start folder since the last run
  3. Select a start folder – all files/folders under the start folder will be parsed when the scheduled task is run and assigned to asset categories
  4. Select a number of assets categories to check for when the task is run. This is useful if some asset categories are manually maintained (e.g. marketing images), and some are automatically maintained (e.g. datasheets). You can of course also set up multiple scheduled tasks using this task add-in if relevant.

Once configured you can schedule the task as usual – when run, the names of the files/folders in the start folder are evaluated against the rules set on the asset categories, and the assets are assigned to each category where the name matches the rule.