Dynamicweb features a generalized search framework usually referred to as Indexing, which can be used to index and query all kinds of data on your solution – productscontentusersfiles, etc.

Broadly speaking, Indexing consists of the following elements:

  • Indexes are data structures optimized for data retrieval
  • Queries are used to retrieve data based on criteria you define
  • Facets are used to create filters in frontend
  • Tasks are used to rebuild indexes on a schedule

All of these elements exist inside a Repository - which is basically a folder in the file system containing configuration files.

The primary function of a repository is therefore to help you organize your indexes and queries in a way that makes sense to you. In a typical scenario, you will have a repository for indexing users, one for indexing products, and perhaps one for indexing content, but you can create as many repositories as you like (Figure 1.1).


To create a repository:

  • Go to Settings
  • Right-click the Repositories node and select New repository
  • Name it
  • Click OK

A repository can contain the following elements:

  • Index definitions – which are instructions for building an index
  • Queries – which are used to retrieve data based on the criteria you define
  • Facets – which are used to create filters in frontend
  • Tasks – which are used to rebuild indexes at an interval

You should add them in that order – facets are dependent on queries, which are dependent on an index, etc.

All of these elements can be found in Files/System/Repositories/YourRepositoryName – and can be moved to other solutions by simply copying the repository folder from one solution to the other. The actual index files are not placed in this folder, but as soon as the index is rebuilt on the new solution they will be created.

Repositories can only be created by Admin and Administrator users, but any user with backend privileges can edit an existing repository.

Get started now

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