The Monitoring center is a feature which allows you to:

  • Monitor system events
  • Set up notifications to alert key people when certain events occur

If included in your license, the Monitoring center is available from the area menu (Figure 1.1) – and consists of:

  • An area tree (1)
  • A content pane, here showing the Monitoring dashboard (2).
Figure 1.1 The Monitoring area

The monitoring center is only available for certain licenses – for more information please contact

The Monitoring dashboard is a regular dashboard preconfigured to show the state of various important system events such as:

  • Scheduled task runs
  • License updates
  • SMTP errors
  • Backend logins (incl. Failed logins)
  • Etc.

Like all dashboards, you can add and remove widgets as you please – see the dashboards article for more information.

The Reports node provides you with two things:

For information about scheduled tasks and the data integration module, please see the general documentation.

The Event viewer node provides you with quick and preconfigured access to lists of system events:

  • The All list lists all system events
  • The Errors list lists events classified as errors
  • The Warning list lists events classified as warnings
  • The Information list lists events classified as information

All lists share the same basic interface– the most recent event is shown at the top, a toolbar allows you to filter or search the list in various ways, and you can click use the Email notification button to create notifictions.

Read more about the event viewer.

The notifications node makes it possible to set up automatic email notifications when certain system events occur. The procedure is identical to the general event viewer notifications.

The Logs node is a conveniently located shortcut to the Logs tool availabke from Settings > Logs – it is used for:

  • Deleting file & datavase logs automatically
  • Browsing logs

Read more in the Logs documentation.