Product Publication

A Product Information Management system is not only a place to store and add product information, it is also a tool for publishing – or pushing – that information to different channels.

Dynamicweb contain two ‘native channels’:

  • Dynamicweb Ecommerce is a built in distribution channel for those solutions which include a web shop
  • The Digital Warehouse functions as a frontend for PIM, and allows select users to download digitals assets and product data in a variety of resolutions and formats

In addition to these native channels you can create custom channels where you can organize products in a custom group structure, and publish these products and groups using custom feeds.

From any view mode in PIM, you can select one or more product and use the Publish to channels button (Figure 2.1) to push the product to one or more channels.

Figure 2.1 Publishing to channels

This opens a distribution dialog (Figure 2.2) where you can fold out the group structure for Ecommerce and any other channel you have created, check the groups you want to publish to, and then click Save and close to publish the product data.

Figure 2.2 Selecting groups

Once products have been published to a channel, they act as any other product in the channel – for Dynamicweb Ecommerce, this means that they are published when the product index used to publish products in frontend is built.  You can edit the shop settings and activate auto-building for an index whenever the shop content is changed.

As of Dynamicweb 9.7, you can set publication periods on all products via Dynamicweb PIM. 

When a publication period expires, the product is set to Inactive - this impacts all channels. There is currently no way to work with dfferent publication periods for each channel.