In scenarios where your products consists of parts – like bikes having a frame, a gear group, and a set of wheels – you sometimes receive new product product information in Excel format (.xlsx), where information about e.g. a new frame must be used to update more than one existing product.

To import this data:

  1. Go to PIM and open the Import products dialog, then select the Excel-sheet with product data
  2. In the Source window select the ID key which identifies the frame – in Figure 1.1 this is SupplierItemNumber
  1. Map between source and destination data – the import key is of course obligatory to include (Figure 1.2). In this example we update the format, season, and apparel fields – but leave out the group field, as the products are spread over different groups and we don’t want to change that.
  1. Open the Advanced settings and check Update only existing records (Figure 1.3)
  1. Click OK and run the import

All existing products will now be updated with the new information.