Products are typically imported to PIM with only limited information available – in some cases only an ID and a Name. They are then enriched with more information as they progress through the steps of one or more workflows, until they are ready for publication.

Each step in the enrichment process follows the same general steps:

  • Select a query, a warehouse group, or a structure query node containing products
  • Select a view mode suitable for the task at hand – List, Thumbnails, Edit or Details
  • Enrich the products with more data
  • Move the products to the next workflow step

In this section, you will be introduced to the following concepts & tools – all related to the product enrichment process:

  • The four view modes at your disposal
  • The Visible Fields selector
  • The Language selector
  • The Bulk edit tool and Grid edit tool
  • Assets images
  • The Import products and export to Excel tools
  • Using product properties
  • Completeness

Of course, not all of these tools will be used in every PIM project – each PIM setup is unique, and the processes implemented are 100% dependent on the data available, the desired workflow, and so on.

As of Dynamicweb 9.7. you can also use the various matrices known from Ecommerce - PricesStockDiscounts, and Vat Groups - from PIM.