Import/Export to Excel

If you use external staff for product enrichment – e.g. external translation bureaus – you can use the Export to Excel to export product data in the .xlsx format, and then the Import from Excel button to reimport the product data afterwards (Figure 1.1).

Figure 1.1 Excel Import/Export

The Export to Excel button launches a language & field selector, where you can specify exactly what to include in the export. Field settings will be respected so that fields which are not allowed to differ from the main product cannot be edited for variants or languages, and so on. Each language version will be exported with language specific system names if available (Name > Navn).

Once the data has been translated/enriched you can import it again:

  • Upload the excel file to the Files folder
  • Open one of the overall view modesList, Thumbnails, or Multi-Edit
  • Click the Import from Excel button to launch the import view
  • Select the languages you want to import
  • Review the data validation schema to ensure that the data type in the file matches the one required by Dynamicweb
  • Click Import