OData provider

The OData Provider is a purpose-built provider. It must be paired with an Endpoint Provider. Currently the only officially supported OData endpoints originate from Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC).

The OData Provider uses a set of object types. These object types contain predefined mappings between specific entities in D365BC and specific tables in Dynamicweb. Check out the OData v4 object type documentation for a comprehensive overview.

In addition the preconfigured object types the OData provider has an object type called "Custom". Use this when a source endpoint is custom or does not have a matching object type. When object type Custom is used, then OData Provider delegates to Dynamicweb Provider which in turn can expose all Dynamicweb tables.

Check out the how-to guide on using the OData - and endpoint providers to set up an OData v4 integration with Microsoft Business Central.

The OData provider as source for a data integration activity is intented for exporting Dynamicweb data to Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

The OData provider supports export of the following object types:

  • Order
  • User
  • User Address
  • User Customer
  • User Customer Ship-to Address

Using the OData provider as destination provider is intented for importing data from Business Central to Dynamicweb.

There are two use cases of the OData provider as destination: OData API imports and OData V4 imports. The latter has the upside of utilizing predefined mappings for all object types where as the API use case will essentially delegate to the Dynamicweb provider to allow the user to define custom entity mappings.