Ledger & Ledger entries

Ledger entries are a type of order item which can only be created using data integration.

Ledger entries can contain all sorts of data with an order head and order lines, e.g.:

  • Invoices
  • Credit memos
  • Payments
  • Etc.

These ledger entries can then be rendered in frontend in the Customer Center module, and paid using either a saved credit card or the regular checkout flow.

Once a ledger entry has been created, a Ledger node will appear in the Ecommerce tree.

You can use the Ledger node to work with ledger entries in the same manner you use the Orders node to work with order, the Quotes node to work with quotes, etc.

Ledger entries can be imported to the system like any other order items (using e.g. the Order Provider), but with the following obligatory field values:






Must be True to make this a ledger entry and not another type of order item


Additionally, the following fields must be configured in some way, depending on your scenario:






Set to False if the ledger entry should be processable from frontend



Set to NULL if the ledger entry should be processable from frontend



Set to True If the entry should be processable from frontend



Relates the ledger entry to the user who should be able to process it from frontend



Sets a customer number on the ledger entries – users with a matching customer number can process the entry from frontend


When you have one or more orders in your database with OrderIsLedgerEntry = True, you can access a list of ledger entries through the Ledger node in the Ecommerce tree (Figure 3.1).

Figure 3.1 Access the Ledger from the Ecommerce tree

The filters and functions for the Ledger list are identical to the filters and functions for the regular order list.

Ledger entries may be rendered in frontend using the Customer Center (Figure 4.1).

Figure 4.1 Ledger Entries may be rendered in and paid from frontend

Open the customer center and view the following templates for a simple implementation example:

  • NavigationLedgerEntries.html
  • LedgerEntryList.html
  • LedgerEntryDetail.html

The user can either pay with a saved card or add the order to the cart by using the green add to cart icon.

When added to the cart the flow is like any other order, with the only limitation that the user can’t modify the order lines (similar to Quotes). The user can only modify/add the user information, payment and delivery information and then checkout.

When the user has paid the ledger entry the pay options are not rendered in the list and the completed date is added to the column instead.