Endpoint provider

The endpoint provider of Dynamicweb allows for data integration through web services such as Dynamics 365 Business Central OData V4 APIs.

Data integration with the endpoint provider is executed by setting up integration activities that acces user defined endpoints.

Endpoints can be managed in Settings > Integration > Endpoint management. Chech out the Endpoint Management documentation for an extensive guide on managing endpoints and authentications.

To use the endpoint provider for Business Central data integration, it must be paired with the OData provider. A how-to guide on using the OData - and endpoint providers to set up data integration between Dynamicweb and  Business Central can be found here.

While the endpoint provider is intented for use in combination with the OData provider for D365BC data integration it is possible to use it for accessing other (custom) endpoint queries such as those of a different ERP.

Using the endpoint provider as source is relevant for importing data from a web service.

To do so, simply select the predefined endpoint from the dropdown menu. The metadata URL will be autodetected as well as the entity name. These can however be manually overwritten in the "create new activity" menu.

Using an endpoint as destination provider is relevant for exporting data from Dynamicweb to an ERP through a dedicated web service.

To do so, select the predefined endpoint in the integration activity destination settings.

The destination settings will vary depending on the object type intended for export - a complete documentation for exporting each specific object type can be found here.