Query Publisher

With the Query Publisher app you can publish indexed data in frontend.

Using the app is straight forward:

  • Select a query to publish
  • Control which facets to display (if any)
  • Specify the number of items to show per page
  • Use a standard or custom made template to render the results

To use the Query Publisher add the app to a paragraph on a page - you then have access to the app settings (Figure 2.1), which are used to control the behavior of the app.

Figure 2.1 The module settings window

The queries settings (Figure 3.1) let you select a query and optionally a number of facet groups - facets are used to let users refine a query result from frontend. You can choose to show or hide facet options with no results. Below, you can override the default query parameters and sorting. Read more about indexing here.

You can also specify the desired number of query results you want to display per page.

Figure 3.1 The queries settings

With the template settings (Figure 4.1) you can select the template used for rendering the output of the Query publisher. 

Figure 4.1 The template setting

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