Klarna Invoice and Part payment

Klarna Invoice and Part payment enables your customers to pay without giving their credit card information to the online store. The customers do not have to pay until they have received their products.

When a customer has checked out an order in your online store he/she will be able to choose Klarna and then the customer needs to type in his/her full social security number (CPR in Denmark). German or Dutch customers have to type in their Birth date. The customer is accepted throughout a credit check, which is done by Klarna. When the customer is accepted, Klarna pays the full amount to your online shop and the customer has to pay the amount directly to Klarna.

This means that when the order is completed, the shop receives payment for the order from the invoice service provider (Klarna). So in effect, the customer gets a credit for a number of days, while the shop gets its payment more or less immediately. Customer credit period and shop payment interval depends on the agreement between the shop and the invoice service provider.

With Klarna part payment, the customers shop and pay when they want. Purchases from different ecommerce shops are collected on a single monthly invoice. Customers have a range of part payment options, or can pay the balance at once.

  • The customer fills out his/her social security number/date of birth and place the order. Klarna then makes a credit record of the customer.
  • The order is created in Klarnas system in the background.

Read more about Klarna Invoice and part payment here: https://klarna.com/buy-klarna/our-services/klarna-invoice



  • Klarna is only available in the following combinations of countries and currencies:
    Denmark and DKK
    Norway and NOK
    Sweden and SEK
    Finland and EUR
    Germany and EUR
    The Netherlands and EUR
  • Refunds and partial/full returns are not a part of this integration.

The testing of Integration with Klarna requres a Klarna test account. You need to fill a form at Klarna in order to get a test account: https://developers.klarna.com/en/se+php/kpm/apply-for-test-account.

When testing you can view the orders here: https://online.testdrive.klarna.com

Once your account has been configured, you can create and configure the matching payment method in Dynamicweb.

To do so:

  • Create or edit a payment method in the Settings > Ecommerce > Orders > Payment following the regular procedure
  • Select the Klarna invoice and part payment checkout handler from the dropdown
  • Fill in the associated parameters (Figure 3.1)
Figure 3.1 The parameters available for the checkout handler

You must:

  • Enter your Merchant ID (EID) and Shared secret provided to you by Klarna
  • Select (or customize) templates
    • The Payment method template is used in the step where you select which Klarna method you want to use (Invoice or Part payment). If Lock payment method to invoice is checked this select-step is skipped and you are redirected to the next step (Payment information step) where the Payment template is used
    • The Payment template is used in a Payment information step where the customer is able to type the social security number and fetch the address from the social security number or manually write the address. Enable Update billing/shipping info if the user is allowed to update the fields
    • Cancel and Error templates for when a payment is cancelled/an error occur in a payment
  • Enable Update billing/shipping info if the user is allowed to update the fields.

Additionally, you can:

  • Choose to send invoice via e-mail
    When checked​, an invoice will be e-mailed to the customer upon authorizing the order.
  • Lock the payment method to invoice
    When checked only invoice is available when you checkout from the cart. Otherwise both invoice and part payment are available for the customer.
  • Update billing/shipping info
    These settings work with the default payment templates: Payment_AddressUpdating.html and Payment_AddressUpdating_SE.html which allow the customer to change the billing/shipping addresses. With these checkboxes you can control if the order should be updated or not with new addresses.
    When checked it is allowed for the customer to modify the billing/shipping address.
  • Choose to exclude shipping address
  • Choose to use Test mode
    Check this to simulate Klarna transactions without involving real money transfers.


There’s a link for Klarna’s online order management tool which leads you to the live Klarna administration website where you are able to manage your orders.

You should test your setup thoroughly before going live. You can use these test credentials to test out your website:



Once the integration is successfully tested in the developer test environment, you set up the checkout handler with the credentials for the Klarna merchant account that you want to use for live transactions and without a check mark in the Test mode field in the checkout handler settings. Contact Klarna to get a live account: https://www.klarna.com/