Checkout Handlers

Dynamicweb integrates with a number of external services which handle payment - e.g. Stripe, QuickPay, and DIBS. Each integration is handled by a so-called checkout handler - a piece of software which communicates with the external service, handles authentication, etc.

Each checkout handler must be configured - see below for a list of currently supported systems.

Third party payment services and order validation

Please note, that if the checkout handler you use communicates with a third party payment service – e.g. MobilePay or PayPal – and the order is manipulated in a manner which makes it invalid between being sent off and receiving a callback from the payment service, we have no way of communicating to the third party service that the order is now invalid.

Please ensure that an order has been successfully completed in Dynamicweb before capturing payment.


Some checkout handlers support rendering the payment form inline – currently this is true for:

On these checkout handlers a checkbox – Render form inline – can be checked. This causes the Ecom:Cart.PaymentInlineForm  tag available in the shopping cart templates to be filled with the payment form from the checkout handler, which means it can be rendered inline on e.g. a one-step checkout step.