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Automatic publishing based on completion
Hi, What would be a good wat to automatically publish a product in PImGroup1 to EcomGroup1 when the completeness rule is 100% (if possible at all ofcourse :-)) Thanks, Justin ...
Justin Sjouw
02/08/2023 17:17:48
Last post: 03/08/2023 08:11:05
PIM Field display groups showing in frontend but not in the PIM backend
Hi there, I have a situation for a customer where a specific field display group must be shown in the frontend (as property in a PIM feed). For this, the 'Show in frontend' checkbox is enabled in the definition of the field display group. Thi ...
Barend Mosch
06/07/2023 13:23:22
Last post: 02/08/2023 10:47:16
User based PIM feed
Hi guys, I have a solution running 9.7.3 with PIM and Live integration to NAV 2018. I need to create product feeds that have specific prices for each user. I have tried it first with the options available in 9.7.3 and I got this error: Error getting  ...
Adrian Ursu
23/01/2021 12:32:14
Last post: 03/07/2023 14:14:49
Feature Request - Copy data between fields
Hi, While working with the PIM, I noticed some customers to be somewhat concerned about either the field name (not the label) or the field type, because they can't change it moving forward. That got me thinking if we could have a way to copy values f ...
Nuno Aguiar
12/05/2020 10:13:26
Last post: 22/06/2023 16:15:09
Server Error in PIM Shared Query (9.12.10)
Hi, one of our users is encountering a server error when opening one of the shared queries in the PIM section of their solution that I'm hoping you could assist me in debugging. Attached is the screenshot of the error from the user. It seems to b ...
Gunnar Örn Baldursson
19/06/2023 13:23:14
Last post: 22/06/2023 12:46:36
Images not part of Draft versioning in PIM - DW version 9.13.9
Hello everyone I have a client that wants to work with PIM Drafts because they are changing all their Product names with new names, new brands and new images However they report and I have also testet that images uploaded or changed on products are l ...
Anett Nissen
13/06/2023 18:39:45
Last post: 21/06/2023 15:04:14
ShopID in PIM Feed
Hi guys, I am trying to use a PIM fed to get data out of the PIM. My scope is to use a Save Feed Scheduled AddIn to save the feed output. The issue I have is with the ShopID used when building the Model.Products. Although I have selected a ShopID in  ...
Adrian Ursu
24/05/2023 14:55:45
Last post: 24/05/2023 16:28:42
Shared query: Possible to find products without certain images
I would like to build a shared query, that should return all products without Amazon images, but since the images are attached by the image pattern, I can't find a way to solve this. Any ideas? PS. could be handy, if the index have build some fie ...
Michael Knudsen
30/04/2023 12:02:36
Last post: 16/05/2023 16:23:19
Sort on Completeness rule?
Hi, Is it possible to sort in a query or in a group in PIM on how complete a product is regarding the completenes rule added to the specific channel? BR Marie Louise ...
Marie Louise Veigert
15/05/2023 12:52:21
Last post: 16/05/2023 10:08:55
PIM: See in list wether product is published to Channel/Shop?
Hi, Is it possible to see in the list view wether a product is published to a channel/shop? I can't find a option when modifiing the header. The customer is requesting this because they have alot of products and would like to have the overview an ...
Marie Louise Veigert
25/04/2023 12:54:18
Last post: 25/04/2023 14:13:22
Disable 'Export to Excel' button in invalid views
Hello, Feature request: Can the 'Export to Excel' button in the ribbon be disabled in views where it's an invalid action? For example, Warehouses > All Products and Warehouses > All PIM Products views do not allow you to utilize the ...
Melissa Borgmann
03/04/2023 22:29:09
Last post: 25/04/2023 13:34:39
No data message in PIM queries
Hi guys, We see very often situation where PIm Queries display a "No data message". Refreshing the page or clicking on the Search button a couple of times eventually solve the issue and the products are loaded. For the admins that are spend ...
Adrian Ursu
08/03/2023 13:51:40
Last post: 13/04/2023 10:52:58
Subscribe when import products from excel file in PIM
Hi, Is there some event/notification subsriber that runs when you import products from an excel file in PIM? I need to customize the description data before saving the product because it is some styling that ruins the description styling on the site. ...
Andreas Pettersson
29/03/2023 10:38:18
Last post: 30/03/2023 13:26:01
Translation service settings
Hi there, In the backend you can set up a translation service and browse for a Google JSON file: It gives the impression you can save the file anywhere you want (like under System) but then when you use the service I get an error because the file cou ...
Imar Spaanjaars
29/03/2023 10:00:56
Last post: 30/03/2023 07:28:03
PIM feed - how to get the correct price from price matrix?
In a PIM feed it's possible to select context Language, Currency, Shop and User, but it's not possible to select or enter a Country. So how do I get the correct EUR price from the price matrix, when the EUR price is different based on the cou ...
Michael Knudsen
24/03/2023 21:36:31
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PDF custom preview image in Assets
Hi, We have a customer that wants to pick the static image associated with an asset (PDF). Essentially the auto-generated image is not the desired outcome. What would be the best way to do this? We can create a file meta data custom field but: There& ...
Nuno Aguiar
06/03/2023 13:01:20
Last post: 06/03/2023 16:13:20
Auto-assign options
Hi! Just like in queries, Simple auto-assing should have the option to utilize ID's (specifically GroupID), rather than just standard and custom fields. This is especially useful, when the Ecom structure more or less mirrors the PIM structure. Be ...
Kristoffer Krusborg Jensen
05/10/2021 10:46:06
Last post: 23/02/2023 08:15:46
Image patterns with /
Hi is there any way to get the image patterns and standard image to work with a product no. that includes a forward slash ? We have a client with a sudstantial amount of products that are formatted like this example [123-abc/21] These images do not s ...
Jonathan Pascoe
20/12/2022 16:42:20
Last post: 22/02/2023 11:14:12
How to clear preset template in PIM Data Export
Dear Forum, I would like to get some idea on how can we clear the preset templates from PIM data export? I had created a few test preset and no idea where to clean up those test preset templates. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Yoon ...
Yoon Peti Nwe
15/02/2023 05:22:01
Last post: 15/02/2023 14:10:27
Query showing Products with no Related product
Hello, I'm working on a case where the customer want's to see a list of products that should have an accessory connected, but does not have one at this moment. The idea is the products will have some sort of field that specifies wheter it sho ...
Justin Sjouw
24/01/2023 09:55:10
Last post: 13/02/2023 14:29:37