Swift 1.0.0

Release date August 31st 2021

Dynamicweb is proud to present our newest and most ambitious plug-and-play standard solution to date – Swift.

Swift is as new take on a designer- and editor-friendly standard solution, which empowers you to create beautiful websites for an international audience. Swift has been developed with the following concepts in mind:

  • Easy and intuitive content creation
  • Mobile-first, responsive, scalable, and content-resilient rendering
  • Built-in SEO optimization
  • Great performance

So what does this mean? It means that Swift is fast and fun to work with for designers and editors alike. It means that you can focus on creating awesome content without having to worry if it will look good on mobile or on big screens. It means that we’re using content and product-data to help content creators avoid common SEO pitfalls and focus on generating value. It means your customers will not get frustrated by bad performance and will focus on your content and your products.

It means you don’t have to look any further for a great base for your next Ecommerce solution.

  • Easier content authoring & design
    • Build beautiful pages using our visual drag and drop editor
    • Create landing pages with call to actions without coding – add lead generating forms and re-use product catalog to convert visitors into customers
    • Save your best content as presets – allowing others to reuse them with ease
  • Attract visitors
    • Built-in SEO using content and product data, automatic sitemap.xml, optimized mobile rendering and great performance
    • Automatic micro data for improved product search result in Google
    • SoMe tagging for increased product click-conversions on social media
  • Increase conversions
    • Proven and super optimized shopping and checkout flows removing obstacles from the purchase process
    • Built for mobile and touch, ensuring a painless mobile experience all over
    • Intelligent type-ahead search with spell check, keyword and product suggestions ensuring users can find what they are looking for
    • Find the right products using configurable filtering options ensuring customers find the product they are looking for
    • Super performance with a near 100 lighthouse score ensuring users do not churn
  • Higher average order values and customer retention
    • Configure automatic product recommendations and upsell strategies
    • Use customer segments to target personalized messaging in emails to increase customer lifetime value and retention rate
    • Setup targeted cross and upsell products
  • Comply with legislation
    • Built in cookie-handling taking care of analytics etc.
    • GDPR compliance in newsletter signups, forms and checkout flow
    • Web Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) level AA compliant
  • Save money on implementation and customizations
    • Powerful design configuration to save time and stay inline with brand CVI
    • Full ecommerce implementation ready to use out of the box – no coding and configurable to meet needs
    • Simple customization using the worlds best known and documented web framework – decreasing learning and implementation time

And for the technical audience: 

  • Schema.org and Open Graph annotated
    • Helps create structure data mark up so your website is supported by search engines
  • Web Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
    • Swift is Level AA compliance
    • Make the web content more accessible for people with disabilities, allow them to perceived, understand, interact and navigate through the website.
  • World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) validated
    • Following website formatting standards
  • Analytics with no cookies
    • Possible to use Google Analytics with no cookies
  • Excellent Performance
    • Performance-optimized implementation. Lighthouse 95+ points



Figure 3.1 Swift 1.0