Nets Netaxept

Netaxept is a payment solution from Nets. It supports all currencies and therefore allows for customers worldwide.

To set up payment through Nets, you must register for a Nets Netaxept account. Contact Nets Netaxept Customer Support.

You’ll receive a Merchant ID and Merchant token key which are both used for Nets Netaxept administration login and used in the Nets Netaxept (BBS) settings in the Dynamicweb administration.

Login to the Nets Netaxept administration with your test account here: There is no need to make any additional settings here.

Select Test in the Dynamicweb administration (SettingseCommerceOrdersPaymentNets Netaxept checkout handler settings) to enable test mode.

Once your account has been configured, you can create and configure the matching payment method in Dynamicweb.

To do so:

  • Create or edit a payment method in the Settings > Ecommerce > Orders > Payment
  • Select the Nets Netaxept checkout handler from the dropdown
  • Fill in the associated parameters (Figure 3.1)
Figure 3.1 The parameters available for the checkout handler

You must:

  • Enter the Merchant ID and the Merchant token key provided to you by Nets
  • Choose a transaction or operation type
    • Authorization only reserves the money on the customer’s card and captures the money in Dynamicweb eCommerce (or in Netaxept backoffice) later
    • Authorization and Capture captures the money immediately.
  • Select a terminal language - the default language is Norwegian

Additionally, you can:

  • Customize any templates
    • The Cancel template is used when a payment is cancelled
    • The Error template is used when an error occurs in a payment

The Test checkbox is used to enable test mode.

Checkmark Test in Settings > eCommerce > Orders > Payment > Nets Netaxept checkout handler settings if you want to use a test environment.

Find test cards at Netaxept Parter Portal.

Note that if the customer's phone number requires a specific format when you checkout the order to Netaxept. The phone number should be given on the format of +[country code][phone number], eg: +4712345678, +469876543.

Once the integration is successfully tested in the developer test environment, you need to contact Nets Netaxept Customer Support in order to go live with the Netaxept checkout handler. You will receive production credentials from them, as soon as they have received the merchant agreement from your chosen payment card acquirer.

You need to configure Netaxept live administration and remove the Test checkmark in the Dynamicweb dministration (Settings > eCommerce > Orders > Payment > Nets Netaxept checkout handler settings) to enable live mode.