IntelliSense is Microsoft's implementation of code completion, best known in Visual Studio


Dynamicweb supports IntelliSense for use in Visual Studio, and can be summoned in the following way:

  • Start up Visual Studio and open your project/solution
  • Add these library-references, as they'll be needed for IntelliSense to work:
    • “Website” > “Add reference…"
      • <DWroot>/Application/bin/Dynamicweb.dll
      • <DWroot>/Application/bin/RazorEngine.dll

In the editor, make sure to add the following two lines to the top of every .cshtml template where you’d like to use IntelliSense:

@inherits RazorTemplateBase< RazorTemplateModel < Template > > @using Dynamicweb.Rendering

Now you should see Dynamicweb specific code completion as seen here:

Figure 1.2 Dynamicweb specific functions visible through IntelliSense (in Visual Studio 2015)


Figure 1.3 Accessing the Dynamicweb namespace through Visual Studio Intellisense