Version: - price  


Returns a dynamic calculated price for the product.


The value is based on the input fields on the Prices tab for a product.

(Ecommerce > Product Catalog > Shop > Product group > Product > Prices tab)


The standard price for the product will be used when no price defined on the Prices tab matches the current context.

Includes the option to add Price extensions in order to format the product price. Prefix : Ecom:Product.Price.


Outputting the template tag


Check if tag has a value

@if(!double.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(GetPrice("Ecom:Product.Price"))) { @* Tag has value, so let's do something useful here. *@ }

Assign tag to a value for later use

@{ double storedTag = GetPrice("Ecom:Product.Price"); }

Outputting the template tag


Check if price has a value

<!--@If Defined(@Ecom:Product.Price)--> Let's output this tag here: <strong><!--@Ecom:Product.Price--></strong> <!--@EndIf(@Ecom:Product.Price)-->