The AllDiscounts loop lets you display information about all discounts. 

The Loop provides the possibility to render:

  1. All the sales discounts, with available tags.
  2. All the order discounts, with available tags.

Note that it's not recommended to use both sales discounts and order discounts at the same time.


The AllDiscounts loop limited by Shop and Country from Limitations and Language. ALL discounts are rendered otherwise. There is No validation of the parameters in the discount settings - except from Shop and Country from Limitations and Language. It's only a "raw" list of available discounts.


Basic usage

Notice the use of @item.GetValue to get data from the loop variable.
If you just write @GetValue, the data will be taken from outside the loop. Similarly, you have to use @item.GetLoop to use loops inside a loop.

<table> <tr> @foreach (LoopItem item in GetLoop("AllDiscounts") { <td> @item.GetValue("Relevant.Tag") </td> } </tr> </table>

Check if the loop exists

@if (Loops.Contains("AllDiscounts")) { ... }

Example of usage
The following general example illustrates how to use a loop construct.

<table> <!--@LoopStart(AllDiscounts)--> <tr> <td><!--@Loop:Tag--></td> </tr> <!--LoopEnd(AllDiscounts)--> </table>

Check if the loop exists

<!--@If LoopDefined(AllDiscounts)--> ... <!--@EndIf(AllDiscounts)-->

Available tags