Version: - string  


Returns current state of the setting. If set to 1, the fee charged by the acquirer will be calculated and added to the transaction amount.


The value is generated automatically.


Outputting the template tag


Check if tag has a value

@if(!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(GetString("QuickPayPaymentWindow.autofee"))) { @* Tag has value, so let's do something useful here. *@ }

Assign tag to a value for later use

@{ string storedTag = GetString("QuickPayPaymentWindow.autofee"); }

Outputting the template tag


Check if string has a value

<!--@If Defined(@QuickPayPaymentWindow.autofee)--> Let's output this tag here: <strong><!--@QuickPayPaymentWindow.autofee--></strong> <!--@EndIf(@QuickPayPaymentWindow.autofee)-->