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Returns the md5key for the DIBS Flexwin/Mobile payments. The variable enables an MD5 key control of the parameters received by DIBS. This control confirms, that the parameters sent to DIBS, have not been tampered with during transfer.


The value comes from the key field for the payment gateway.
(Management Center > eCommerce settings > Orders > Payment > Payment method > General > Parameters)


Outputting the template tag


Check if tag has a value

@if(!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(GetString("Dibs.md5key"))) { @* Tag has value, so let's do something useful here. *@ }

Assign tag to a value for later use

@{ string storedTag = GetString("Dibs.md5key"); }

Outputting the template tag


Check if string has a value

<!--@If Defined(@Dibs.md5key)--> Let's output this tag here: <strong><!--@Dibs.md5key--></strong> <!--@EndIf(@Dibs.md5key)-->