Bug Fixes for Rapido 3.2

Here you can see all bug fixes for the current branch.

Bug fixes

Version: 3.2

35 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Title Area
61128 Bug Rapido later: Hide paragraph on mobile on the container paragraph does not work Rapido
62449 Bug Rapido: Optimize the Initials calculator Rapido
62591 Bug Rapido 3.2: Incorrect logic for Billing address country in cart Rapido - Shopping cart
64183 Bug Gallery in articles Rapido - Paragraphs and item types
64203 Bug Rapido: Hide free services for the cart does not work for the minicart Rapido
64272 Bug Rapido: Mobile toplayout shows cart , when enabled Only preview for anonymous users Rapido
64702 Bug Rapido 3.1: Empty shipping block with a header when default shipping is set Rapido
64851 Bug Rapido: Focal point does not work on dynamic article Rapido
65382 Bug Rapido 3.2: Vertical scrolling doesn't work for Carousels on iPhones Rapido
65685 Bug Rapido: Required form fields text can't be translated Rapido
66288 Bug Rapido: Related products images does not have equal size Rapido
66291 Bug Rapido: Paragraph "Show as card" is not displayed on tablets Rapido
66560 Bug Rapido: Productpage tablets: Big gap under thumbnails Rapido
66564 Bug Rapido: Maps only show one point when clicking search icon Rapido
66566 Bug Rapido: Hide prices not working in detail view Rapido
66963 Bug Rapido: Add all to cart Products with units Rapido - Customer center
66988 Bug Rapido: Blurry png logo on mobile + svg logo does not work Rapido - General layout
67628 Bug Rapido: Flex bug on IE Rapido
67702 Bug Rapido: Module of paragraph containers renders in a weird way Rapido
67756 Bug Rapido: Mobile Topbanner on productlist not responsive Rapido - Product list and search
67758 Bug Rapido: Related product button does not align Rapido
67759 Bug Rapido: Partner list search does not work Rapido
68137 Bug Rapido 3.1: Validation groups broken in 3.1 Rapido
68479 Bug Rapido: Favorites List - Bug in action "Set as Default" is removing available lists out of PLP/PDP Rapido
68768 Bug Rapido: Variants list on product page missing variant names Rapido
68936 Bug Rapido: Header tags (h1, h2, h3 etc) default color not working Rapido
68937 Bug Carousel last image not rendering when using dots Rapido
68938 Bug Rapido: Productlist input field not aligned Rapido
68995 Bug Rapido: Show on list for variant add to cart button disappear when enabled Rapido
69056 Bug Rapido: States are not properly selected in the cart Rapido - Shopping cart
69294 Bug Rapido: Minicart counter (number) is not centered Rapido
69505 Bug Rapido 3.1: "Only preview for anonymous users" not working for variant products Rapido
70014 Bug Translate variables ending in spaces in default template in rapido Rapido
70376 Bug Rapido 3.2: 'Enable clusterer' settings on the Maps module don't work Rapido
70998 Bug Rapido 3.2: Navigation height affects top area Rapido