Empty columns (item types)

With Rapido 3.3, a new set of paragraph item types have replaced the old ones, and new grid templates have been added.

Therefore, you should ONLY use Visual Editor to add content. Don’t use the old method of adding paragraphs from the ribbon bar, as paragraphs created this way are not included in frontend because of the new templates.

The old paragraph item types are not supported with the grid template, but you can still read about them here.

Rapido has several item types used for creating column content. Creating the content is done with empty columns, where you use these exact item types. The empty columns can be found in Visual Editor in the Columns tab and are placed below any existing column presets (Figure 1.2).

In this section, you can read about the different empty columns and their settings - use the navigation to the left. For information about empty rows and empty columns, read this article.

Figure 1.2 Empty columns