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SendGrid Delivery Provider

Keerthy Sethupathy


After upgrading to 9.8.9, the setup for Delivery Providers has changed. 
I now requires an API Key instead of username and password to the SendGrid Account. I have created an API Key inside SendGrids Administration, but after inserting it into Dynamicweb, 
It does not seem work. Any pointers to what the correct way is and what i changed in the code on your behalf?






Olga Shedko Dynamicweb Employee
Olga Shedko

Hello Keerthy,

I've tested SendGrid provider in 9.8.9, and for me it works. Would you please specify what doesn't work for you exactly (new created provider not saving with entered API key in Settings? or you cannot send email via Marketing with selected SendGrid provider?) + please attach video/screenshots.

Here are my steps (to avoid misunderstanding):

1. Go to > select a Free plan > create your new account > log in your account and go to Settings/API keys, create a new key and copy it

2. In Dynamicweb Admin go to Settings/Marketing/Email marketing/Delivery providers and create a provider of type "SendGrid"

3. Paste your key into "API key" field, leave "UserName" and "Password" fields empty > Save

4. Go to Marketing/Email marketing/DefaultTopFolder > create new email > fill in required fields, switch to Avanced tab > click "Delivery provider" ribbon-button and select SendGrid as a Delivery provider > send email 

Please also see attached screenshots.

Best regards,
Olga | QA

Best regards,
Olga | QA
SendGrid1.png SendGrid2.png SendGrid3.png
Keerthy Sethupathy

Greetings Olga,

I cannot send email via Marketing with selected SendGrid provider

From your first picture you are inserting the Api Key Reference, and not the actual API Key, as that would be more than 22 characters. 

Nevertheless i tried doing it your way, and it still does not work. I am 100% sure that your email also ends up in the Draft folder. 

I get this error. 

SendGrid returned an error '.NET HttpRequestException, raw message: 

An error occurred while sending the request.' for message 'TEST April 2017' - 

   at Dynamicweb.Mailing.DeliveryProviders.SendGridProvider.SendGridProvider.Deliver(MailMessage mailMessage)
   at Dynamicweb.Mailing.MessageDeliverer.Deliver(MailMessage mail, Recipient recipient)


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