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Render New URL Provider link in product list

Adrian Ursu
Adrian Ursu

Hi guys,

I have a situation where I need to create an XML feed with products.

It is similar with a Google Marketplace feed with a few extra fields.

My challenge now is related to the product link.

On the site on the product page, I am using the new URL provider and I have chosen "Root Path" for products.

Obviously, I would need to include the same link in the feed.

How do I do that? In the product list I can access the Link or LinkGroup tags but they will also include the "products" page.

Is there any nre TemplateTag rendering the Root link for a product?

Thank you,


Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen

Just use the searchfriendly urls api or put the link in the normal format in the template (default.aspx?id=123&groupid=123&productid=123)

BR Nicolai


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