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GetLoop( "Query.Parameters" ) in ProductListViewModel
Hi guys I am in the process of converting an old product list template with template tags to the new product catalog using ProductListViewModel. I cannot seem to find any property or method that can give the data i used to find in the template tag Ge ...
Jesper Holm Damgaard
27/09/2021 14:39:04
Last post: 27/09/2021 16:21:39
Best practices submitting form without reload with ajax or similar
I am trying to submit a form without reloading the page, but i keep locking my self out getting my IP banned I have tried this by using Ajax. The solution I am working on is a 9.12 Anyone got a suggestion on how I can do this, without having to disab ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
21/09/2021 09:30:27
Last post: 21/09/2021 11:34:41
Global element inside a row
Hello everyone, I don't know if I'm doing anythnig wrong, but I can't seem to make an item inside a Visual Editor global. Any ideas? Thanks!! Jaap ...
Jaap Tinholt
21/10/2020 10:19:48
Last post: 20/09/2021 14:11:08
Data changes when refreshing webpage
Hi, On the product page, watching a product list fot the first time, the availabity of every product is shown as "in 2-4 days" instead of "Available". But this availability is correctly shown as "available" after refresh ...
Tomas Gomez
16/09/2021 11:36:32
Last post: 16/09/2021 13:54:46
ProductCategoryFields Tags
Hi, In one of our solutions we using product categories. ProductCategoryFields Tags We think to use category field description for measure But did't find tag in list. Shouldn't description tag be in ProductCategoryFields Tags? ...
Andrejs Zavorotnijs
01/09/2021 21:47:05
Last post: 02/09/2021 09:35:50
Looping nested ItemRelations not going deeper than level 2
Hi using Items, i have built an app that uses nested ItemRelations in 3 levels. This is used to create a 3 level list similar to this: * continent a country a shop_a1 shop_a2 shop_a3 country b shop_b1 shop_b2 * continent b country c shop_c1 shop_c2 s ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
27/08/2021 15:29:23
Last post: 01/09/2021 11:21:47
Is there no way to render a page inside another page without using the api?
Is it not possible to include a global page, without using the API? RenderPageContent() gives no result in DW 9.10.13 /Hans ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
31/08/2021 15:39:29
Last post: 31/08/2021 23:06:43
Override UserAndGroupType when creating a new user
Hi there, Is there a way to override the User and Group Type field when creating a new user in the frontend? I like to assign the user a B2C or B2C type upon creation so it shows up differently in the backend. I tried adding a field like this to the  ...
Imar Spaanjaars
30/08/2021 16:18:19
Last post: 30/08/2021 17:28:08
Loop.Contains empty when it should not be
Hello, I am debugging a strange issue with the following code. The issue is that sometimes the Loop.Contains returns false, even if I have verified that the variants exist in DW, and after some time I reload the page again and it is true and everythi ...
Unnsteinn Garðarsson
14/07/2021 15:36:28
Last post: 14/07/2021 16:31:35
Get ParagraphHeading inside item publisher template
Hi I am trying to get the value of the paragraph header, when inside an ItemPublisher template. On a Page, I have used the API via PageVIew.Current method - But I can´t find/figure out what to use on Paragraphs? Have also tried passing the para ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
02/07/2021 14:43:34
Last post: 06/07/2021 16:20:33
Ecom tag PurchaseQuantityStep not rendering in an ecom serach
I want to use the tag <!--@Ecom:Product.PurchaseQuantityStep--> to get the colli size of a product. (eg. 6 bottles in a box). It works fine on the prduct list page and the product detail page. But if I search for products and list the results,  ...
Michael Stigaard Sørensen
15/06/2021 15:26:36
Last post: 01/07/2021 08:26:33
Error in getInitials() from user name
Hi, We detected a small bug in the getInitials() functions, in the GetInitials and UsersLists templates. It happens when the user has a final space in his name, i.e. his name is not trimmed. This causes the last split to be empty, triggering an excet ...
Tomas Gomez
21/05/2021 11:45:17
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Problem implementing visual editor
Hi, I have implemented the visual editor in to a solution without rapido. It works great but i have one problem. Under the column when you open up the visual editor there is a section called empty columns. In this section there is a field called unde ...
Daniel Hansen
03/08/2020 13:12:02
Last post: 03/05/2021 11:15:31
Methods that can be extended using notification subscribers
Not sure if this is the right place for this post but it is related to the training documentation. I noticed the below text in the documentation for the T3 test under Templates and Rendering and as far as I know only the Template Extenders are used t ...
Unnsteinn Garðarsson
16/02/2021 11:19:16
Last post: 03/05/2021 11:08:57
Exception when accessing product custom fields
We recently upgraded to 9.10.8 and now we are getting an exception in the backoffice whenever we try to open a product custom field. The error also shows in the templates were any of the fields are being used. DW version 9.10.8 ...
Cátia Torego
30/04/2021 17:31:42
Last post: 03/05/2021 11:02:30
Cybersource Saved Cards
Hi, I'm not able to save cards for cybersource anymore. The Cybersource configurations are currect and the certificate is valid. This worked before and the solution was upgraded recently. In the order logs there are several messages that show that Cy ...
Cátia Torego
03/03/2021 13:15:06
Last post: 29/03/2021 13:53:31
Item paragraph searchresult ?
Hi Is there any way of using standard page/paragraph search to seach a page with lots of itemparagraphs that is used via itempubliser ? If I search it finds the page correctly, because all the paragraphs is on that one page. I would like it to show t ...
Peter Klünder
18/03/2021 11:40:16
Last post: 18/03/2021 12:50:13
Can't update quantity in cart
Hi, I can't update an orderline quantity in the cart, i'm able to add to the cart using the cart comand Add or Addmulti but i can't edit the order line with IncOrderLine, DecOrderline or UpdateOrderlines. This is the urls being used: Default.aspx?ID= ...
Cátia Torego
03/03/2021 12:31:41
Last post: 03/03/2021 13:30:44
Is there an easy way to test/view/build order email templates?
Hey peeps, I'm wondering if there's an easy way to test/view/build an Order receipt email template? My current workflow is to move my template from CartV2/Mail to CartV2/Step and then set the mail template as the template for one of my steps in the c ...
Martin Nielsen
26/09/2017 09:01:01
Last post: 12/02/2021 10:11:44
Saved Cards Log
I'm trying to list all the usages of a saved card. Created a simple template, configured it in customer center (config.png), but even though the saved card was used I can't see any information on the template (screendump.png). What else is needed to  ...
Cátia Torego
23/12/2020 20:11:32
Last post: 25/12/2020 03:10:46