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Get Field names and values from current Page Item on a paragraph template?
Hi guys, A small question here from a Razor idiot with a limited programming vocabulary... so bare with my childish explanations :-D. I've got approx 30 item fields on a Page Item, 20 of those fields I would like to loop through BUT on a paragraph (w ...
Jacob Storgaard Jensen
16/10/2018 21:31:23
Last post: 17/10/2018 13:07:09
Calendar LINQ
Hi guys I need some help getting started on LINQ coding for a calendar. Basicly i need to group an itemlist's dates in a agenda calendar. So all events should be grouped in months like showed on the attached image. Anyone? ...
Jens Mouritzen
16/10/2018 17:53:07
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Canonical link in meta is being added when URL contains a querystring parameter
Hi, I have a rather weird scenario. I'm running a DW 9.3.10. For testing purposes I've disabled the two checkmarks within Web/HTTP -> Customized URLS regarding canonical links in meta. One in the Ecommerce group and another in the Meta group. When ...
Mikkel Toustrup Olsen
05/10/2018 13:46:35
Last post: 08/10/2018 07:54:14
Futile attempt to utilize the autologin functionality
Hi I am trying to make a login form which should autologin. However, when I login with the autologin box ticked, I am still prompted to login when I access the site the next time I open the same browser. It does fill in the username and password used ...
Roald Haahr Jensen
03/10/2018 10:12:46
Last post: 03/10/2018 13:12:19
Check if loop is empty
Hi There is probably a really simple answer to this, but right now I am stuck - and canĀ“t find a solution. I want to check if a loop contains any instances or not - or in other words, I want to check if a loop is not empty. The loop is "Item.Historik ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
01/10/2018 11:52:45
Last post: 01/10/2018 11:59:20
Less issue
Hi guys I'm wondering how to remove the " " from the less variables created from the website settings (image1) wich outputs this css (image2) wich makes the css break. Config file also attached. ...
Jens Mouritzen
26/09/2018 20:44:42
Last post: 27/09/2018 09:57:28
VariantStockCombinations documentation
Cant find any docmentation regarding which fields that are available in the VariantStockCombinations loop. Can someone post a list? ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
20/09/2018 10:11:56
Last post: 20/09/2018 13:43:33
Email marketing {{tags}}
Hey When a page is rendered, it looks like the system Is checking if the page is part of an email for email marketing, and if it is all {{tags}} are replaced. It makes some problems when using Handelbars.js, on of our customers is using handlebars.js ...
Mark Preisler
03/08/2018 13:35:43
Last post: 17/09/2018 18:17:15
Mailtrigger on ecom product
Hi We have a costumer who want a solution where it is posible for a visitior - when you are on a productpage - to fill out a form that triggers an email being sent to the visitor, with productspecific documents - preferrable attached to the mail (mos ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
14/09/2018 14:41:11
Last post: 17/09/2018 12:05:37
Navigation with razor - example and documentation
I'm looking for some documentaion and an example of how to create a navigation with razor, instead of xslt? Been looking on GitHub, but could not find any examples of how to create a navation with razor, with some documentaion on how to do it. Is thi ...
Martin Kristensen
22/04/2015 13:36:48
Last post: 14/09/2018 10:52:57
Sidebar menu based on paragraphs
I'm looking for examples on how to make a sidenav based on paragraphs in the content. Much like on the (see attached image). Anyone have an idea for this, and whats is best practice... ...
Jens Mouritzen
11/09/2018 15:14:02
Last post: 13/09/2018 08:53:21
Properties Error
Hi All, when I click Properties button in Content , it shows the following error [ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Node "<title></title>" was not found in the collection Parameter name: node] Kindly advise me where and how can I fix this issu ...
Tin Ma Ma
10/09/2018 07:18:03
Last post: 12/09/2018 10:30:28
Recently viewed products
I'm using the eCom:Related.YouHaveSeenTheseProducts loop to display the recently viewed products in the cart page, but the list of products doesn't update when i go to a product detail page. The only way it works is when i render the eCom:Related.You ...
Cátia Torego
07/09/2018 17:20:53
Last post: 10/09/2018 12:57:53
Navigation between child pages (previous / next case)
Hello there, I've been encouraged to write my question here on the forum, and hoping that someone has previous experience with this or something similar. We're looking for a way to navigate forward and backwards between client cases. The element woul ...
Emil Klindt Sørensen
28/08/2018 09:47:16
Last post: 28/08/2018 11:19:42
Primary Related Groups
Hi... I have one product... it is related in more groups... is OK, I can find this product in these groups... But I choosed one Primary Group and this are not following in details... In Details ...
George Nelzo Pereira
14/03/2018 19:38:08
Last post: 17/08/2018 09:32:12
Looping group and users in those groups
I'm having a hard time making a loop work inside a loop (see picture 1). I dont know if this is possible at all (it should be). The looping should be like this: Group 1 User 1 User 2 User 3 Group 2 User 4 User 5 User 6 Do we maybe need LINQ for this  ...
Jens Mouritzen
15/08/2018 16:51:59
Last post: 16/08/2018 16:00:45
Orderline Field not added
Hi there, Im running a 9.4.14, and im trying to add a value to a Orderline field. But for some reason its not added to the orderline when the form is submitted. I have added an field called Licenses as both name and systemname. No matter what i do, t ...
Kim Hansen
10/08/2018 15:16:55
Last post: 10/08/2018 16:10:08
Add value in orderline field when ordering using AJAX
Hi guys, I am trying to add some values to an Orderline field in the same AJAX call with adding the Product to cart. Asuming The system name of the Orderlinefield is Mileage, what should be the name of the Parameter used for Post? I tried so far "Mil ...
Adrian Ursu
10/05/2018 16:46:04
Last post: 10/08/2018 14:37:36
RenderItem() and RenderItemList() I'm having problems with these extension methods. I unders ...
Kevin O'Driscoll
03/08/2018 10:59:42
Last post: 08/08/2018 12:35:05
Did 9.4.14 change something in the Razor template engine?
Hi, I just upgraded to 9.4.14 in a DEV solution and i get some weird razor behaviour... Consider this code: foreach (LoopItem item in GetLoop("Item.Something")) { <a href="@item.GetString("Item.Something.URL")" title="@item.GetString("Item.Somethi ...
Jacob Storgaard Jensen
19/06/2018 16:38:32
Last post: 07/08/2018 10:57:22