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Install 2 different versions of Rapido on same solution
Hi is it possible to install 2 different Rapido versions on the same solution? And then have 2 websites on that solution, that uses different Rapido versions ? Best regards Christoffer ...
Christoffer Rosendahl Frede
11/11/2019 14:24:58
Last post: 15/11/2019 13:15:04
Back in Hamburger Menu
Hi, If there is no language layer on the website, the "Back" tab in Hambuger menu is not working. Please refer to the attached record video. Regards, Tin Ma Ma ...
Tin Ma Ma
13/11/2019 08:34:41
Last post: 15/11/2019 09:46:48
E-mail unsubscribe not working
Hey, For a customer of ours Volandis we are experiencing some difficulties with the unsubscribe link. When an user wants to unsubscribe to the newsletter the system doesn't allow them to unsubscribe to the newsletter. Resulting in complains about the ...
E Muller
14/11/2019 15:12:34
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Target options for links
Hi, I want to create a brand page, for that, I was using a paragraph container, adding the brand logo and linking them to their respective websites. However, I wanted to open these pages on new tabs, since they are external links, but there doesn't s ...
Mafalda Correa
12/11/2019 21:02:49
Last post: 14/11/2019 02:28:23
Product Missing Image
Hi, Is there any option/setting to set different product missing images per website? Regards, Tin Ma Ma ...
Tin Ma Ma
05/11/2019 12:34:26
Last post: 13/11/2019 07:04:47
Video item type not working when there's multiple videos
Hi, I wanted to make a video gallery page, but as soon as I put more than one Video item type, it starts behaving strangely: I think this might be because the blocks all have the same ID. What can I do to fix  ...
Mafalda Correa
12/11/2019 20:54:41
Last post: 13/11/2019 06:44:18
Custom timeout on HideMiniCart
Is it possible to set a custom value on this code, without messing around in the master.js file? Would like to extend this with custom code, and leave the default files untouched. In the example below I would like to change the timeout from 1s (1000) ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
07/11/2019 14:12:03
Last post: 11/11/2019 03:02:06
useAnotherAddress cookie isn't changed on sign out
Hi, useAnotherAddress cookie is set to false on the Receipt page and on emptyCart, but it's not changed if a user signs out. That means that if a user picks another address in Step 2, but then logs out and logs into another account, when they start a ...
Mafalda Correa
04/11/2019 16:03:03
Last post: 11/11/2019 01:34:55
Items in basket not aligned on iPhone
DW 9.7.3 Rapido 3.2 Tested on custom solution and default demo solution. Please see attached images from iPhone X. ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
07/11/2019 15:46:27
Last post: 11/11/2019 00:12:42
Unsubscribe page from EmailMarketing:Email.UnsubscribeLink is returning a error
Hi, the link returned by the tag EmailMarketing:Email.UnsubscribeLink is throwing this error "Unsubscribe Parameter missing or incorrect" The URL refers to a Internal Page. Is there a fix for this? Thanks in advance ...
Lara Arsénio
23/07/2019 00:16:02
Last post: 07/11/2019 05:47:16
Scroll to top and filters
Hi, I've noticed a post about scroll to top and facets: Until it is fixed, is there a workaround? -- Best regards Kurt Moskjaer Andersen ...
Kurt Moskjær Andersen
05/11/2019 08:50:51
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Add custom URL to ecommerce group
DW: 9.7.3 Rapido: 3.2 We are trying to add a query string parameter to a ecommerce group, in order to automatically filter a product list. In order to do this we try to add a custom URL to the product group, but it is not working as intended. Please  ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
04/11/2019 15:18:21
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Displaying groups on page
We have following request: 1. Prodcts are grouped in groups and each group can have subgroups. 2. When one group is selected we need to display subgroups and only in last group in tree we need to display products Is this possible using Rapido? Thank  ...
Ivan Marijanović
23/10/2019 14:11:27
Last post: 04/11/2019 10:19:47
Dynamic Articles Paragraph search
Hi, We got a customer that cant get a search hit, when searching for content in the Content Paragraph in Dynamic Articles. How do i set up the index and query to add hits for that? Thanks /Kim ...
Kim Hansen
23/10/2019 12:25:30
Last post: 01/11/2019 09:54:30
Cannot close overlay window
I'm testing the overlay paragraph type and cannot figure how to close the overlay. See this page: The overlay has an x in the upper right corner, but nothing happens when I press it. Is it a bug or a configur ...
Siv Hansen
31/10/2019 11:35:42
Last post: 01/11/2019 05:49:37
error in E-mail subscription
Hi, If I want to subscribe for the newsletter in the footer of, I receive a 404 end I don't end up in the newsletter group. Best regards Gerard ...
Gerard Kocks
29/10/2019 11:50:55
Last post: 29/10/2019 15:38:53
Overlay background images not displaying correctly
Hi, I'm trying to create an overlay with a background image, but it seems like the image is being zoomed in a lot. I made a video to show the issue: It seems like the issue is that the GetImage is trying to make  ...
Mafalda Correa
28/10/2019 23:30:52
Last post: 29/10/2019 11:35:54
Improvements for DynamicArticles
Hi guys, I believe the recent improvements for DynamicArticles are looking good but we still miss some default functionality if we plan on using them for blogs. Usually, even the simplest blog, will have a few standard ways of filtering the articles. ...
Adrian Ursu
17/10/2019 13:31:31
Last post: 29/10/2019 08:55:50
Different address formats
Hi, Addresses have different formats in different countries. While in a lot of European countries like Portugal and Denmark addresses go like: Address line Post code, City Country In the UK they are written as: Address line City Post code Country And ...
Mafalda Correa
24/10/2019 17:23:04
Last post: 29/10/2019 06:37:34
End of Life as a standard product field
Hi guys, I have encountered pretty often situations where some products are End Of Life and should be prevented from ordering more than the stock available. It might be just me, but I believe this property should become a standard option on products, ...
Adrian Ursu
25/10/2019 17:56:31
Last post: 28/10/2019 10:47:35