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Error in Cart in IE11
Hi, On this Rapido solution we get a javascript error when changing payment method. The error occurs in IE11. This results in that the cartpage freezes. The customer has had several reports from visitors about this. Regards / Aki ...
Aki Ruuskanen
17/01/2018 13:45:40
Last post: 18/01/2018 11:55:18
Cart App Setting for A check for stock status
Hi In the Cart App setting, I had checked to show error message when cart quantity exceeded stock quantity. I had changed the stock quantity to 2, from backend, for a product and added it to cart. In the cart page, I increase the quantity to 3, check ...
Tan Pang Lin
17/01/2018 06:18:44
Last post: 19/01/2018 02:44:34
Publication Error
Hi I had created a Publishcation Period from 1 Jan 2018 to 15 Jan 2018 and assign to a product. I noted that this product still available on the product list page which I think may not be right. However, upon clicking it gave page not found error whi ...
Tan Pang Lin
16/01/2018 05:43:32
Last post: 16/01/2018 10:33:08
Beta 2 - Custom Settings
Hi, Just installed the Beta 2. One question. How do I use the custom website settings? Regards / Aki ...
Aki Ruuskanen
12/01/2018 14:55:34
Last post: 17/01/2018 16:07:32
Feature Checking - Price Range Filter
Hi With reference to this url,, may I know possible to implement price range filter as part of the Rapido Standard? Thanks Pang Lin ...
Tan Pang Lin
10/01/2018 08:12:18
Last post: 10/01/2018 12:48:46
Feature Checking - Clickable Option in Product Group
Hi With reference to attached image,, the customer would want the masks to be non-clickable. We had tried to edit group>at ribbon to unclick "Clickable" as per this image, h ...
Tan Pang Lin
10/01/2018 06:35:59
Last post: 10/01/2018 12:42:44
Hi, I think there is bug in the filtering in Rapido. Here is a list with 7 mountain bikes. If I then filter by "Brand" and choose "Mongoose" i will get 11 bikes. And if I clear that  ...
Aki Ruuskanen
08/01/2018 14:27:52
Last post: 10/01/2018 13:47:38
Feature Checking - Back end Product sort feature
Refer to this url, My customer had less than 100 products in the portal. lately went LIVE with standard Rapido. They noted that there is no sort function in the front end. and th ...
Tan Pang Lin
05/01/2018 13:45:07
Last post: 10/01/2018 13:04:59
Rapido - Only show product where there is stock does not seem to work.
Refer to this video,, I had turn on "not to show the product when it is out of stock", however, after changing the stock to zero and run the indexing. the product still display  ...
Tan Pang Lin
05/01/2018 13:19:20
Last post: 05/01/2018 14:30:21
Rapido - Feature checking, out of stock and Price for public scenario
This is more for B2B scenario. May I know is there a setting for the following:- 1. If out of stock, hide the price, quantity and "Add to Cart" button and display "Request for Enquery" instead? 2. Hide the Price, quantity and "Add to Cart" if not log ...
Tan Pang Lin
05/01/2018 12:14:00
Last post: 10/01/2018 04:04:10
After Changing Order State, Email not sent
Hi , I created 4 order states (Processing, Shipped,Completed,Cancelled). When I changed the order state "Processing", order processing email sent to the customer successfully. When I changed the other order state "Shipped" and "Cancelled", order emai ...
Tin Ma Ma
03/01/2018 07:06:40
Last post: 03/01/2018 14:10:08
Rapido database not a bak file?
Hey, I've just downloadet the Rapido database, and was surprised not to find a .bak file inside the zip-package. Instead it contains a .bacpac, and renaming it to .bak doesn't do anything good either. What's the idead of this .bacpac file? According  ...
Martin Gammelholm
21/12/2017 09:12:42
Last post: 15/01/2018 10:33:40
How to use Json Feeds and show it to page, paragraph
I am a newbie, i see this link, which introduce about Json-Feed template. For practice, i created json feed and json template. But i don't know how to configure to show it on page. Any b ...
19/12/2017 08:59:29
Last post: 04/01/2018 13:25:57
Cart - Create User
Maybe this is not rapidospecific but anyway... In out standard Rapido demo ( the cart is set to create new users in the groups "Customers". But no customers are created. I am wondiring why? The settings seems correct? Re ...
Aki Ruuskanen
14/12/2017 11:09:25
Last post: 18/12/2017 16:39:05
Rapido - URLs
Hi, I have a couple of Rapido-solutions where the eCom URLs behave a bit strange. Som productgroups get a "-1" or "-2" postfix. Example 1: Check out "Produkter" ...
Aki Ruuskanen
07/12/2017 09:50:25
Last post: 07/12/2017 10:08:24
Rapido - Change template for ProductContainer
Hi, I'm trying get different templates to load for the ProductsContainer depending on some conditions on page load. Example: If a condition is true I want the ProductsContainer to be loaded with "ProductGridItemContainer" otherwise with "ProductDetai ...
Aki Ruuskanen
30/11/2017 10:37:28
Last post: 01/12/2017 13:12:58
Rapido, Cart - Custom Product Fields
Hi, In Rapido, the content for the cart comes from a Json feed and the json feed is produced by a paragraph with a ParagraphViewModel. Like this: @Model.GetModuleOutput() That feed does not seem to output for example custom fields for products that a ...
Aki Ruuskanen
28/11/2017 16:36:19
Last post: 29/11/2017 13:33:48
Modifying .grid
Hi, I'm trying to get my head around how the css hierarcy works in Rapido. We have configured it to use a font called Barlow. I need to modify the "word-spacing" in ".grid". The "-0.43em" f***s up the font. I need to set it to "normal". How do I do t ...
Aki Ruuskanen
17/11/2017 14:17:09
Last post: 17/11/2017 15:54:45
Rapido and DW versions
Hi, I'm starting to get familiar with rapido and DW. The documentation states that rapido requires Dynamicweb version 9.3.3. Is this a minimum requirement? At the moment you can only download a beta version of rapido - any news regarding when version ...
Søren Bremholm Jakobsen
30/10/2017 10:18:48
Last post: 31/10/2017 11:59:18
Permissions on pages
Hi Guys, I am trying my luck with Rapido on a new project. Forst thing I have noticed is the Permissions on the page, paragraph and website. I do not see an option for Frontend permission just the Back-end permissions. I am using 9.3.5 Thank you, Adr ...
Adrian Ursu
19/10/2017 14:09:55
Last post: 31/10/2017 14:09:39