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Aki Ruuskanen
Aki Ruuskanen


I think there is bug in the filtering in Rapido. 

Here is a list with 7 mountain bikes

If I then filter by "Brand" and choose "Mongoose" i will get 11 bikes

And if I clear that filter I end up with 180 products.

We have the same behaviour on a site based on Rapido :


Regards / Aki




Karsten Thuen

Hi Anki 

This is a bug on Rapido Beta 1.0 There currently are two ways to solve this:

Upgrading to Rapido 1.0 Beta 2 

  • If you have not customized anything. Start by making a backup of both the files and the database for the site.
  • Go to the Dynamicweb doc site (, and download Rapido 1.0 Beta 2
  • Override the files and replace the database.

Manually patching the bug
This should be an easy fix, also for Rapido sites running on Rapido 1.0 Beta 1, that may not be upgraded.

  • Go to the Dynamicweb doc site (, and download Rapido 1.0 Beta 2
  • Locate the file "Facets.js" in the JS folder of the newly downloaded Rapido 1.0 Beta 2, and override the old Facets.js file.
  • Then in the ProductsRender.cshtml template. Add these lines in the c# variable deffinition area, if they are not already there:
    int productCatalogId = GetPageIdByNavigationTag("ProductsFeed");
    string requestQuery = GetGlobalValue("Global:Request.Query");
  • Go to the bottom and locate the javascript "DOMContentLoaded" listener. Inside this method, add this new call:
    Facets.Init("productList", '@productCatalogId', '@requestQuery');

I hope this solves it. 

Best regards
Karsten Thuen

Aki Ruuskanen
Aki Ruuskanen

Alright. Thanks. I'll give it a try, 



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