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@Translate() convention when translate is interrupted by variables
Hi, I want to create a translate that has a variables in the middle. Something like "You have added" + productName + "to the cart". I looked at the Rapido conventions for Translations and none match this scenario. What's the best way to do this? Shou ...
Mafalda Correa
13/09/2019 12:52:40
Last post: 13/09/2019 16:49:19
Email notification
Hey, For a customer of ours (Volandis) we created a email notification template. However we just discovered that the "auto generated values" come back with a different font then the usual font used in the template. How can we adjust this so that the  ...
E Muller
12/09/2019 15:11:56
Last post: 12/09/2019 17:02:00
Auto login to the first user that does not have a username
We have a Rapido solution that when on the sign in page if the user hits 'sign in' button without entering a user name it will automatically login to the first user in DW that does not have a user name. This seems to only do this in Rapido sites. Bes ...
Jason Harwell
28/06/2019 22:34:00
Last post: 11/09/2019 13:29:39
CartAddress JSON template returns State as null
Hi, I'm working with American customers, so I want to show a state field in the Shipping address in Step Two, but even though there's a state set in the choosen address, the feed returns null. I made a video showing the issue: https://www.screencast. ...
Mafalda Correa
23/08/2019 18:53:21
Last post: 09/09/2019 14:23:28
Quotes flow 'missing' OrderContext
Hello I am creating a custom Quotes Flow, within a specific OrderContext, totally separate from the Shopping Cart flow. In the process of development, I noticed a couple of improvements and fixes to do in Rapido, to ease the Quotes implementation and ...
Lara Arsénio
05/09/2019 17:43:34
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Variants List in PDP
The Variants List, configured for Product page, is always showing the main product repeatedly, instead of the Variants (see image attached) I noticed the template VariantsList.cshtml does not use the {{#VariantOptions}} in Handlebars, which it is the ...
Lara Arsénio
22/08/2019 02:01:25
Last post: 05/09/2019 15:12:53
Unsubscribe page from EmailMarketing:Email.UnsubscribeLink is returning a error
Hi, the link returned by the tag EmailMarketing:Email.UnsubscribeLink is throwing this error "Unsubscribe Parameter missing or incorrect" The URL refers to a Internal Page. Is there a fix for this? Thanks in advance ...
Lara Arsénio
23/07/2019 00:16:02
Last post: 04/09/2019 08:39:55
How do I replace a block which lives within a foreach?
I would like to replace Block detailsCategoryFields on page eCom/Product/Blocks/Fields.cshtml and its renderer RenderProductCategoryFields. But when I make a replacement Block in eCom/Product/Blocks/Custom_Blocks.cshtml I don't have the LoopItemVaria ...
Peter Leleulya
15/04/2019 15:56:46
Last post: 02/09/2019 15:56:24
Field values are not being populated with the correct TemplateTag
Hello When populating the user field values in a Contact Form, the GetString("Field.Value") is always returning empty so i had to use the GetString("Field.ValueFromAutoOrDefault") tag since it was on this tag the values were being populated. (i.e: Co ...
Fabio Monte
29/08/2019 12:15:14
Last post: 30/08/2019 13:46:59
Unit selector label text overflows the box
There's a small visual bug in Unit selector. When the label text is larger than the box, it overflows the box and it doesn't look very good. This can easily be solved just by adding the u-truncate-text helper class. ...
Mafalda Correa
23/08/2019 16:55:12
Last post: 30/08/2019 13:12:26
Sign In form not required
Hi, If you open the sign in popout and click Sign in without filling any of the fields, the page reloads and a error messages says you've submitted an invalid email and password. However, shouldn't these fields just be required so the user is forced  ...
Mafalda Correa
29/08/2019 23:18:24
Last post: 30/08/2019 13:11:53
Unit Selector shows unit that isn't selected
Hi, When a product doesn't have a default unit, the Unit Selector still shows a unit selected, making the user think they are seeing the price of that unit when they're actually seeing the product price without the unit selected. If you then select t ...
Mafalda Correa
28/08/2019 18:19:15
Last post: 30/08/2019 10:41:52
Make discount ignore all other discounts
Our customer Hotel Chocolat uses Rapido 3.1. They want one of there discount's can ignore all other discounts, no matter the type (Product or Order). Is it possible? if yes, how can it be done? ...
Cecilia Sørensen Vejle
29/08/2019 11:01:50
Last post: 30/08/2019 10:31:11
Images leaving white space in container
Hello all We are trying to find a solution to have images across the AgriCover website ( ), not having space filled in with white. It seems setting the FillCanvas parameter to false solves the issue but then it b ...
Fabio Monte
27/08/2019 15:44:30
Last post: 27/08/2019 19:21:17
Custom components breaking cart page
Hello. I got a broken cart page after creating a custom component. It turned out to be the include Custom__Components.cshtml, that is repeated, both inside "GeneralComponents.cshml" and then included in the cart step template files @* Include the req ...
Lara Arsénio
27/08/2019 00:38:42
Last post: 27/08/2019 11:00:34
Problemer med opsætning af Google Tag Manager i Rapido
Efter vi har indsat et GoogleTagManagerID i website settings, så har vi fået disse problemer. 1. Nedenstående script står i body tagget, men skal være i head tagget for, at scriptet er valid. <script> (function(w,d,s,l,i){w[l]=w[l]||[];w[l].pus ...
Cecilia Sørensen Vejle
09/07/2019 13:53:17
Last post: 27/08/2019 09:51:40
Compare and Notify when back in stock
Hi guys, I have noticed 2 important B2C functionalities missing (at the first glance) from Rapido. I am talking about "Compare" and "Notify when back in stock". Are they deactivated by default and I need to activate them? Or configure them somehow? O ...
Adrian Ursu
19/11/2018 12:11:36
Last post: 27/08/2019 08:01:48
Importing dynamic articles
Is there an existing method to import dynamic articles from a data source like Excel? The Item Provider doesn't support item types within item types (the Paragraph within the dynamic article). Is there a recommended solution on the platform for that  ...
Scott Forsyth
26/08/2019 01:28:17
Last post: 26/08/2019 16:38:25
Favorites List - Bug in action "Set as Default" is removing available lists out of PLP/PDP
Hello. In the latest release, I have been experiencing trouble with the Favorites list, that removes the lists out of the available ones in PLP. Steps in Frontend: 1) Add a few favorites lists in Favorites page 2) Promote one that is not the default  ...
Lara Arsénio
25/08/2019 15:08:33
Last post: 26/08/2019 15:56:03
Allow Module Attachement in Paragraph Containers
Is there any inconvenient in having the "allow module attachment" active, by default, in Paragraph Container ItemType? The reason is i need to have the background image and with definitions of a Paragraph Container, for some areas that will have Apps ...
Lara Arsénio
22/07/2019 15:25:47
Last post: 26/08/2019 11:54:37