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Import is not working

Gerard Kocks
Gerard Kocks


The import in some of our Rapido solutions is nog working. If we want to import a file we receive notification that file has no UTF8 encoding (which they have), see attachement. 
If we go further and click on 'import' we receive the message attached. 

Can you please help us with this?

Best regards

Error_import.png UTF8.png


Olga Shedko
Olga Shedko

Hello Gerard,

1. Seems that your import file is not in UTF-8 encoding in fact . And you should receive this yellow warning notification, it's a feature.

2. Hovewer, this notification should not prevent import, and import should go through successfully. So it will be handled within task 52569 and will be available in the next hot fix release.

Thank you.

Best regards,



Gerard Kocks
Gerard Kocks

Thanks a lot Olga, we are looking forward to the fix.

BR. Gerard

Kristian Kirkholt
Kristian Kirkholt

Hi Gerard

The #52569 Import problem are now fixed in version 9.4.16

You are able to find this build in the download section:

Please contact Dynamicweb Support if you need any additional help regarding this.

Kind Regards
Dynamicweb Support
Kristian Kirkholt

Dmitriy Benyuk

Hi Gerard,
for this stuff to work in the 9.4.16 you need to upload the attached xml files into the website Files folder:
That would be fixed in the next Rapido release.
Regards, Dmitrij


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