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Querying Completeness
Hi, Is there a way to query the level of completeness using conditions like < or >? Richard ...
Richard D. Lee
01/11/2019 16:54:39
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Feature request - Optimize filtering and searching on query lists
Add possibillity to configure filtering and extending search functionality on query lists. 1. Make it possible to setup filters in the query configuration, that are accessible on on the query list 2. In the query configuration, make et possible to ex ...
Thomas Larsen
09/10/2019 09:08:01
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Feature request - Export all on query lists
Create an export function on query lists that is not limited to the current paging size, but instead exports alle products in the specific query ...
Thomas Larsen
09/10/2019 08:58:55
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Identical group structure in Shop and Warehouse
I'm working with a customer where I believe the best solution is to simply have the same group structure in the warehouse as in the shop. Is it possible to use the same group structure both places, without having to manually keep them synchronized? / ...
Jonas Krarup Dam
27/06/2019 12:01:37
Last post: 28/08/2019 15:55:22
Feature Request - Select2 like type of control for list fields
Hi guys, For fields of type list, with a lot of options, it would be great to have an option to search for the value instead of scrolling to it. Something like Select 2 or something like multi-select au ...
Adrian Ursu
28/08/2019 01:03:39
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Publish to Printable Product Catalog
Hi Guys, In one of the PIM presentations, I have read that one potential channel could serve the purpose of publishing a Product Catalogue using Adobe InDesign. I cannot find anything in the documentation around this subject. Can anybody clarify how  ...
Adrian Ursu
28/08/2019 00:59:36
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PIM channel to Magento
Hi guys, I need to know if there is an example of a channel feed to integrate to Magento. Thank you, Adrian ...
Adrian Ursu
28/08/2019 00:57:41
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Query. How to test on product name length
Hi PIM experts, Is it possible to set up a query testing if the length of a string field (eg. product name) contains eg. max 150 characters? If yes, please let me know how to do this. BR Helene ...
Helene Kjærbøl
12/08/2019 09:46:27
Last post: 14/08/2019 14:14:41
Feature Request - Adding field values to selectables when importing
Very ofen we do an initial import of multiple products from Excel when starting up a new PIM Ware house. It may also happen when we setup integration from any ERP system. Before doing so, we usually define any custom fields needed in PIM such as Prod ...
Lars Bruun
21/11/2018 09:49:21
Last post: 14/08/2019 14:01:57
Not all products in PIM
What have I done wrong when "All products" in PIM does not show all products we got. It only show 10 out of 267. The correct index is set on the PIM settings. All products show correct products in "Ecommerce - All products" but not in "PIM - All prod ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
27/06/2019 14:10:21
Last post: 14/08/2019 10:27:09
Attach multiple files to products
Hi guys, I am running DW 9.6.3 with PIM and I am trying to add multiple documents to products. Technical sheets, user giudes etc. My expectation would be to use the Details property that is also found on the Product in ecommerce. However, I cannot se ...
Adrian Ursu
24/07/2019 13:34:10
Last post: 14/08/2019 10:12:36
Rules on queries don't seem to stick
When I edit a query in the PIM and add one or more rules in the Edit Completion Rules section, save my changes and then come back, the rule has jumped to the left list with excluded rules again. is that a bug? Or is the rule applied / saved somewhere ...
Imar Spaanjaars
24/06/2019 13:33:31
Last post: 25/06/2019 22:47:12
Automatic publishing to Ecom Groups from PIM Warehouse
Hi guys, I am working on my first PIM project and I am trying to get familiar with what I can do with it. I have a situation where I need to create automated publishing of products from PIM to Ecom Groups. I am basically synchronizing some categories ...
Adrian Ursu
17/04/2019 22:30:36
Last post: 24/05/2019 13:29:49
Creating variants from existing products
Hi Ran into a problem, when combining product in PIM to create variants. If a product already on a user’s favorite list the procedure for combining will fail with following error. The UPDATE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "DW_FK_E ...
Mark Preisler
03/04/2019 09:53:15
Last post: 22/05/2019 07:06:04
User rights to Warehouse structure
Hi PIm Forum, After upgrading to 9.6.4 we have dicovered issues with the user rights. Users given special rights to see teh PIM Warehouse including folder structure with products, no longer has this access and it seems not to be possible to give them ...
Helene Kjærbøl
02/04/2019 14:24:29
Last post: 09/04/2019 16:04:47
Howto show/add standard Ecom fields to PIM
Hi PIM Forum, Can it be true, that it is not possible to add/show/maintain the two standard fields "Details - Images/Links" and "Details - Text" to/in PIM - but only via Ecommerce? Thanks, Helene ...
Helene Kjærbøl
04/04/2019 14:02:31
Last post: 09/04/2019 16:02:10
Removing products from channels
Hi PIm Forum, We have setup af structure under Channels and attached products. If we want to remove products again from this structure, is it then possible to do that directly in the channel structure? Or how do we do that? Is the only way to go back ...
Helene Kjærbøl
02/04/2019 13:55:48
Last post: 03/04/2019 11:02:05
View groups on list views
Hi PIm Forum, Here another feature request. It would be really usefull if the viewgroups also could be used on product lists and not only on product view. THX Helene ...
Helene Kjærbøl
03/04/2019 09:30:06
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Sorting on text in queries doesn't seem to work
Hi PIm Forum, We are trying to sort our products alphabetically on the productname in a query. But this doesn't seem to work: ...
Helene Kjærbøl
02/04/2019 14:58:05
Last post: 03/04/2019 09:09:42
Amount of products in a view
Hi PIM Forum, Is this the right place to put a feature request? Our customer wish to be able to lock the amount of products in the product list. As it is now you can set it to e.g. 500 but this will not be stored or remebered, so the next time you ar ...
Helene Kjærbøl
02/04/2019 14:01:41
Last post: 03/04/2019 08:33:58