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Justin Sjouw
26/11/2021 15:35:50
Last post: 16/02/2022 16:01:00
Variant Master Inheritance
Hi DW PIM Community I have two products one is the master product and the other is a variant. The variant fields does not update neither inherit values from the master product. I've uncheched all of the checkboxes in the advances configurations f ...
Niklas Hjort
14/02/2022 12:05:13
Last post: 16/02/2022 08:06:13
Adding Reference fields to category groups
Hi! I would like to request a feature that allows choosing multiple referencefields to a category at one time. Choosing 1 at a time is very tideous with many groups and fields. Best regards, Kristoffer ...
Kristoffer Krusborg Jensen
10/02/2022 09:38:49
Last post: 14/02/2022 10:19:49
Completeness Rule logic
HI! When working with completeness rules in addition to reference fields, it would be great if the completeness rules dynamically could tell if a field is related to the product it is checking on. Example of our current situation: I have 4 reference  ...
Kristoffer Krusborg Jensen
11/02/2022 11:19:17
Last post: 11/02/2022 15:10:02
Related products - adding same related products to multiple products
How would you add the same products (eg. 5 products) to a selection of eg. 20 products? Currently the only way I know, is to open one product, add the related products, and repeat. ...
Michael Knudsen
11/02/2022 11:19:42
Last post: 11/02/2022 14:58:29
Create a partial index
Hi guys, Can I create a Product index that would include only the products added/edited in the last 7 days? And by "create" I mean to configure the build in a way that would only include the last 7 days. Is it enough if I set the HoursToUpd ...
Adrian Ursu
08/02/2022 10:54:29
Last post: 09/02/2022 17:24:54
Field display groups
Hello forum, Is it not possible to limit FieldDisplayGroups to a specific shop on the frontend? Dynamicweb version 9.12.5 Rapido version 3.4.3 ...
Jannich Ariyanayagam
08/02/2022 16:13:36
Last post: 09/02/2022 08:37:57
Best approach for updating the index for catalogues with lots of products
Hi guys, I have a solution that is supposed to list a lot of products. So far we have 200k SKUs and I expect to have another 100k by the end of the year. The challenge here is updating the index once something happens on any of the workflows. We have ...
Adrian Ursu
26/01/2022 16:17:55
Last post: 03/02/2022 11:40:12
PIM - issue with long list of folders on
Hi, We are experiencing an issue when trying to select an image through "Manage Assets" in a PIM product. When we have a huge list of folders, a "Load All" button appears, but when we click on it, it doesn't show the rest of t ...
Ricardo Pereira
31/01/2022 16:53:58
Last post: 02/02/2022 10:31:36
Exception in Pim Feed
I am getting the following exception in the pim feed that causes the product category fields options not to render and therefore not the rest of the options either. It does not matter which provider I choose. I cannot see anything off with the data i ...
Unnsteinn Garðarsson
26/01/2022 14:37:31
Last post: 28/01/2022 13:44:57
Default file location for assets
Hi guys, Is there a setting that can allow me to configure the default location (Folder) where the Assets dialog will open when selecting or uploading files? In my situation, I need to configure the default location for Images but the question is val ...
Adrian Ursu
18/11/2021 13:04:30
Last post: 27/01/2022 11:22:49
Combine products - missing custom fields set with "Allow changing field content in variants" in master product
Hi, We are using the "Combine products" feature and when we combine products we cannot see the product custom fields set to "Allow changing field content in variants" in the master product. All fields defined with this option appe ...
Ricardo Pereira
26/01/2022 13:31:26
Last post: 27/01/2022 04:42:20
Validation pattern
Hello forum, - can a validation pattern be applied to all field types or only certain field types? Currently I'm trying to reduce the number of digits to max. 2 with a validation pattern, but the validation rules doesn't seems to work. Br. Mi ...
Michael Knudsen
24/01/2022 10:57:24
Last post: 27/01/2022 02:51:01
Viewing full names for fields in the various PIM field selectors
Hello, One of our customers asked about the field selector in the PIM. Many of the product category fields have longer names than the selector control, and it doesn't show the name in the hover. Below is an image. I guess this is just a feature reque ...
Scott Forsyth
09/06/2021 20:32:26
Last post: 28/12/2021 04:07:34
Group expressions with no expressions are not supported.
Hi guys, I have a solution running on DW 9.10.13. I have noticed very often an error (the one from the title) on specific queries without any expressions defined. But now, all of a sudden, I get this error regardless of the Query I am trying to open. ...
Adrian Ursu
15/09/2021 13:40:38
Last post: 21/12/2021 14:02:41
Remove asset files in bulk
Hello forum, - bulk-edit is awesome feature to add the same asset file to many products, but is there a way to 'remove' a file on many products? In this case, the maintenance instruction have been replaced, and the old have been deleted, whic ...
Michael Knudsen
13/12/2021 13:07:59
Last post: 20/12/2021 10:08:50
Possible to use a price matrix in a PIM feed?
I'm trying to get the price (DKK 12.500) for a specific user (Debitor_3000M) in a PIM feed, but it's always returns the price entered in the product 'price' field. According to other forum posts, should this be possible in DW9.9.x, bu ...
Michael Knudsen
06/12/2021 18:59:06
Last post: 20/12/2021 09:57:49
Display ProductCategory Fields on master product
Hi guys, I have a project that is using PIM and Variants. We have also a couple of ProductCategories attached to the product Groups in PIM. When editing the product, I could not find a way to display the ProductCategoryFields on the Master product bu ...
Adrian Ursu
11/06/2021 11:12:35
Last post: 16/12/2021 22:26:45
User Macro in Queries used for feeds
Hi guys, I have a project where we have built a UserMacro that is supposed to return a list of ProductNumbers that the user is not supposed to see. The User Macro is used in regular product Queries and it works pretty fine. However, when applying it  ...
Adrian Ursu
21/09/2021 20:40:11
Last post: 16/12/2021 18:40:18
Show in products list
Hi, On this solution I am trying to follow this guide: I would like to show a scenario for a product family where the master is not shown in the frontend, and all variant a ...
Justin Sjouw
07/12/2021 14:30:07
Last post: 07/12/2021 17:54:06