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Products without image pattern bug?
Hi, Can anyone confirm if I am doing anything wrong here? I am simply getting a list of products without the default image pattern in DW 9.9.1 but it does not seem to be processing it correctly. Best Regards, N ...
Nuno Aguiar
21/11/2020 13:16:32
Last post: 25/11/2020 13:37:39
Query for assets categories
Hi, I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to create a query that gives me a list of products where a certain asset cateogry is missing data. Example: We have an asset category called "PDF Drawings" containing drawings used for product sheets. I  ...
Aki Ruuskanen
09/10/2020 10:42:39
Last post: 25/11/2020 13:03:50
Best way to store package information on products
Hi, Is there a module within the PIM module to store package information for products? Or should we create custom fields for this? Nowerdays (in the Netherlands) you have to manage information not only for the product, but also for the package it com ...
Rutger Koebrugge
24/11/2020 17:08:12
Last post: 25/11/2020 12:15:08
Querys with code expressions
Hi, I'm trying to find documentation on how to create query expressions with code. Don't know if my searching capabilities are poor or if there is none? Regards / Aki ...
Aki Ruuskanen
09/11/2020 15:58:18
Last post: 25/11/2020 12:09:30
Product count in structured queries is inconsistent
Hi guys, I have a solution running DW 9.9.2. I have set up a structured query that is based on a Shared query displaying all active products. The problem I see is the product counter displayed next to each folder. The number displayed is not consiste ...
Adrian Ursu
22/11/2020 12:35:06
Last post: 23/11/2020 12:12:12
Scheduled tasks, Add-in: Assign products to one or more groups, depending on some rules
Hi Forum, Anyone who has tried using the scheduled task add-in 'Assign products to one or more groups, depending on some rules'? What I would like to achieve is that my products automatically are published into ecom groups from PIM. A PIM field with  ...
Helene Kjærbøl
19/11/2020 08:09:27
Last post: 23/11/2020 10:08:03
Query for properties
Hi, Is this possible? I have a property field of type checkboxlist. I would need a query that returns all products where that property is added. But only the products where no checkboxes is checked. I tried "IsEmpty" but that one return also products ...
Aki Ruuskanen
19/11/2020 12:46:26
Last post: 23/11/2020 08:10:41
Isnt it possible to export true/false fields to excel from PIM
When we try to export to excel from PIM, we do not have an option to add tur/false (checkbox) fields. Is this a bug or a feature :P ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
04/11/2020 13:27:50
Last post: 20/11/2020 15:08:51
Creating variants from existing products
Hi Ran into a problem, when combining product in PIM to create variants. If a product already on a user’s favorite list the procedure for combining will fail with following error. The UPDATE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "DW_FK_E ...
Mark Preisler
03/04/2019 09:53:15
Last post: 17/11/2020 10:18:35
Incorrect and incomplete image pattern detection
Hi guys, I have a project where images are pretty important. The marketing team is preparing images for every product and for productivity reasons I have suggested to work with image patterns. We have defined about 10 image patterns (including the on ...
Adrian Ursu
07/11/2020 12:36:17
Last post: 13/11/2020 12:53:11
Hi, I have a customer requesting the ability to insert .SVG files in a WYSIWYG in PIM (Description field): Is it possible to add the .SVG file type to the allowed extensions? :-) BR Vincent ...
Vincent Gercke Pedersen
11/11/2020 18:29:36
Last post: 12/11/2020 12:54:49
PIM Index failing, but why?
Hi, Where can i find out why this index fails`? 2020-11-09 12:29:40.371: Running (96439 / 105671). 2020-11-09 12:29:40.496: Reading next batch, starting from ProductautoID: 277432. 2020-11-09 12:29:41.371: Reading next batch, starting from Productaut ...
Lars Bruun
09/11/2020 12:40:02
Last post: 10/11/2020 07:48:46
Shared query to find products without specific translation
Hello forum, - I have been trying to construct a shared query, that should return products without a specific translation, but I haven't successed. Default language is 'Danish' and I want to find all products without/missing translation to 'Swedish'. ...
Michael Knudsen
05/11/2020 13:50:48
Last post: 09/11/2020 18:01:36
Cancel button returns to unexpected list
Hi, A customer has reported an unexpected behavior. Working from All PIM products or All products, when the user clicks on "Cancel" expecting to go back to the previous list/page he was on, he gets a new one. Here's the repro in 9.9.1 https://www.scr ...
Nuno Aguiar
12/10/2020 13:56:00
Last post: 04/11/2020 19:40:19
Build index task
Hi, I'm trying to set up a task that builds the insances of a an index. The documentation says that the task will "build the instances sequentially". But when i run the "Repository Task Handler" all the indexes start building at the same time and I e ...
Aki Ruuskanen
02/11/2020 13:23:23
Last post: 04/11/2020 15:35:33
Interface issue in queries after upgrade to 9.9.2
Hi guys, I have just performed an upgrade to DW 9.9.2 and I have noticed a weird interface issue in Query Edit in PIM. My specific issue is in Structured queries but It might be found in other Query interfaces as well. When I try to select Level 1 pr ...
Adrian Ursu
06/10/2020 08:55:17
Last post: 04/11/2020 15:33:02
Working with workflows
Hi, Feature request: When working with notifications in workflows it would be nice to be able to configure the mailadresses that are user somewhere and the have dropdowns to select them. (This could apply to several places when working with sender-em ...
Aki Ruuskanen
02/11/2020 11:31:03
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Multiple Workflows
Hi, Question for DW: Do you have anything in the pipeline for supporting multiple workflows? I have had discussions today with a customer about how to work with customers. We saw a need for this. For eaxmple they need one workflow for working with dr ...
Aki Ruuskanen
02/11/2020 11:28:21
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Enable 'Export to Excel' ?
Hello forum, - I have recently created two new DW 9.9.3 sites, but for some reason isn't possible to 'Export to Excel' (it's grayed out no matter the number of products selected) on one of the sites, while it works as expected on the other site. Is t ...
Michael Knudsen
02/11/2020 09:05:19
Last post: 02/11/2020 10:15:49
Query for missing images
Hi, I am trying to get a query for products that are missing images to work. I have a query where I check if "Product Image Default" is empty and Language is English. The result is a list with products that have a default image. With some products gr ...
Aki Ruuskanen
30/10/2020 11:28:30
Last post: 02/11/2020 06:35:57