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Validate list options on import form excel

Helene Kjærbøl

Our customer is asking for some kind of validation possibility on import from excel to PIM.

As it is now the import - even if you use the template from an export from PIM - DW gives no warning or options if you try to import values to a list, when the values doesnt exist in PIM. This could be a new color og a misspelling on a existing color (yes this is possible also in the DW excel template with the drop down as the drop down isn't locked). For now nothing is imported from excel to this field, when there is no match in the PIM list PIM.

It would be nice to have at least some kind of warning - or even better the option to choose wether or not new values should be created in the list in PIM.

BR Helene


Søren Jensen Dynamicweb Employee
Søren Jensen
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Hi Helene,

Sorry for the late answering ..

At the moment, there are no validation on that kind of information on Import.

But the value, you mention in above description, will be imported and stored on Product in database. But you can't see it, before the "key" are created on the Listbox-field.

You can construct a Query, to show Products there have "Illigal keys" on a specific fields, so validation can be done that way


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Helene Kjærbøl

Hi Søren,

How do you construct the query to show products with "illegal keys"?

BR Helene


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