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(9.5.5) Moving from Ecom to PIM in regards to PriceModule

Evaldas Raisutis
Evaldas Raisutis

We have a customer who wants to move to utilizing PIM for their webshop (and building more channels later).

I've changed the shop type on ecommerce shop (SHOP1) to a channel, created a warehouse shop. Since the website was referencing SHOP1 as commerce shop to begin with, things went pretty smoothly. However, now that SHOP1 is a channel, if I try to access Ecommerce > Product Catalog - I can't. I still see the link, and it still shows like a dropdown, but when I click it - nothing happens.

How are we supposed to manage prices through price module (utilizing EcomPrices table), if we can't access Product Catalog? There doesn't appear to be any button for managing prices within PIM.

First screenshot shows the link I am talking about.

Second screenshot shows lack of "Prices" button when editing a product in a warehouse.

t1.PNG t2.PNG


Søren Jensen
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You cannot just ”change SHOP type to Warehouse”, because then there will no longer be a Ecommerce
When you are using PIM solutions, then the Ecommerce will be a channel to it,  where Product data are send/synchronized to.. That’s also how it works in Dynamicweb.
So you create a “PIM Warehouse”, where you store and maintain the Product content. The structure in the Warehouse should be made to optimize the Product enrichment.
You also need the “Ecommerce SHOP”, and there your products from PIM will be related to. Typically the structure in PIM and Ecommerce are not the same. So in Dynamicweb, Ecommerce-SHOP are also handled as a channel to PIM. 
And it is in the Channel “Ecommerce” you specify your prices, stock, etc.
I hope this answer your questions
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Evaldas Raisutis
Evaldas Raisutis

Hmm I am not sure where I wrote that we changed shop type to warehouse – if I did ,that was a mistake. We changed shop type to channel, and created a new shop for the warehouse. The reason we figured that the shop had to be converted to a channel, was because of the whole “”publish products to channels” reasoning on the website.

I’ve now changed the type back from channel to shop, and it looks like I can still publish to the shop, even though it’s not of channel type. A little confusing! 😊  

Thanks for the help though.


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