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Important:  Did you know: about parameterized conditionals?
The idea of paramaterizing a Data Integration job, is basically that WHERE-conditions are set upon calling a job. So you can have a general job for multiple purposes, by setting the condition variables on the fly. Learn more here: https://doc.dynamic ...
Morten Snedker
14/09/2015 10:24:00
Last post: 09/02/2018 11:43:53
Important:  Data Integration jobs work locally / in test, but not live?
At helpdesk we frequently receive cases like: When running Data Integration jobs locally (test, staging) it works well, but when trying to execute on live solution, it fails (not with error, but just doesn't complete). Solution: Make sure that the we ...
Morten Snedker
11/07/2014 10:18:02
Last post: 27/08/2014 17:08:29
Importing News
Hi guys, Is there a destination provider for Data integration for importing News, Categories and their allocation on categories? Thank you, Adrian ...
Adrian Ursu
14/12/2018 15:53:59
Last post: 14/12/2018 16:17:10
Variants not visible after import until app service is restarted
We're importing variants using the Dynamicwebprovider into the tables EcomProducts, EcomVariantGroupProductRelation, EcomVariantOptionsProductRelation and some other tables. The interesting issue is that when a new product is imported (with 1 variant ...
Espen Strømsnes
11/12/2018 14:26:25
Last post: 12/12/2018 09:08:41
AX Live Integration framework with 2 different companies
Hi We have a requirement to connect Live integration framework with 2 different companies in the AX. what is the best approach for that? need to get data accordingly and orders also need to go accordingly. As B2C data goes to one company and B2B data ...
Shiwanka Chathuranga
10/12/2018 10:46:44
Last post: 10/12/2018 15:26:32
Does Dynamicweb Support NAV 2018 / D365 Business Central?
Do you Support NAV 2018 / D365 Business Central? I regularly get asked if Dynamicweb supports the latest version of NAV. In October 2018, the NAV name will go away. Instead Microsoft is moving forward with the name D365 Business Central. Soon the que ...
Dan Hørlyck
28/09/2018 13:55:03
Last post: 07/12/2018 10:19:19
Export Customer addresses
Hi, I am looking at exporting customer addresses to ERP system and i looked into the documentation and did not find anything related to it. Is there any good way to export customer addresses to an ERP system ? Regards Asim ...
Asim Shahzad
05/12/2018 22:16:10
Last post: 06/12/2018 10:26:07
Insert/Update additional user addresses
Hi, We are getting additional user addresses from ERP and depeding upon the XML received we want to update the exisitng addresses or inser new ones if they are not available against a user who is already available. I have tried XML provider as a sour ...
Asim Shahzad
04/12/2018 22:17:03
Last post: 04/12/2018 22:34:33
Conditionals not working while exporting AccessUserAddress
HI, I have a strange issue regarding conditionals when i am exporting data from table "AccessUserAddress". Currently, this is what i am filtering on "AccessUserAddressAdress <> @NULLOREMPTY". It filter out the null rows but it does not filter o ...
Asim Shahzad
04/12/2018 13:59:12
Last post: 04/12/2018 21:53:52
creation integration activity went into endless repeated steps Dear Sir This happen very often intermittently refer to the attached video. May I know what could went wrong that at time I do not face the problem and at time I face the problem. Attache ...
Tan Pang Lin
03/12/2018 12:19:50
Last post: 03/12/2018 17:08:51
NAV Integration
Hi, I try to check the documentation on how to install the code unit on NAV side as well as install DynamicWebConnectorService and DynamicWebServiceTestApp. The code unit successfully installed on NAV but when I try to connect the DW to the web servi ...
Suzette Cruz
29/11/2018 01:36:34
Last post: 03/12/2018 04:16:24
Order Details in IntegrationCustomerCenter
Hi guys, We are using Integration Customer Center in one of our projects. I was wondering if there is any way to display the content of an order instead of loading the PDF from NAV. I understand this is a live call, but I am not sure if this is suppo ...
Adrian Ursu
25/11/2018 00:44:49
Last post: 29/11/2018 12:11:30
SQL Provider - Remove missing rows after import
Hi When using the SQL Provider as destination the setting "Remove missing rows after import" gets reset if you do this: set the setting "Remove missing rows after import" in the destination settings save and close the activity task edit the activity  ...
Lars Larsen
30/08/2018 13:00:14
Last post: 29/11/2018 09:33:19
Integration with D365 and Dynamicweb
Hi All, Can someone share the knowledge about integration with D365 and Dynamicweb? I faced the problem System.ArgumentException: Authority validation is not supported for this type of authority Parameter name: validateAuthority Thanks and Regards, T ...
Tin Ma Ma
19/11/2018 09:19:36
Last post: 19/11/2018 13:26:03
Removing unwanted rows in batch jobs
Hi, We want to remove unwanted files from a source XML file. Right now, we are using XML provider as source and User provide as destination. Is there any way we can loop through the XML file and remove unwanted rows on a certain criteria ? I will rea ...
Asim Shahzad
15/11/2018 09:08:48
Last post: 16/11/2018 08:22:54
Integration with different ERP with respective site withing one application
Dear Sir I understand that even though that the platform supports multiple sites multiple shops, but with regards to “Integration framework LIVE” it can only integrate to one 3rd party system, the reason being that there is no “Add button” in the sai ...
Tan Pang Lin
15/11/2018 04:51:55
Last post: 15/11/2018 10:54:41
Deactivate missing users?
Hi Dynamicweb, How can we avoid that missing users are deleted when importing users? We are missing a feature only to deactivate missing users to keep the history. Best regards, Anders ...
Anders Ebdrup
09/11/2018 12:12:20
Last post: 12/11/2018 10:33:17
Synchronizing User data between DW and ERP
Hi, We are working with synchronization of user data between DW and ERP system. We need to run the user import and export batches after every 5 minutes. We are experiencing some issues. E.g If we change the same user on both end and afterwards it is  ...
Asim Shahzad
07/11/2018 11:18:45
Last post: 09/11/2018 16:21:51
What happen to data during transmission
Hi One of the potential is asking me about "are Data encrypted during transmission"? Basically they would like to know more about "Was data secured during data exchange between DW and 3rd party system like ERP". Would you be able to help me with this ...
Tan Pang Lin
08/11/2018 06:54:36
Last post: 08/11/2018 09:44:31
Scheduled Tasks are not running according to their scheduled time
Hi, We are using DW 9.4.14 and we have 3 Scheduled tasks which need to run after every five minutes. These three tasks need to run in a specific order but for some reason they all run at the same time after 5 minutes. The reason why they need to run  ...
Asim Shahzad
02/11/2018 16:07:55
Last post: 05/11/2018 15:12:41