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Importing existing giftcards
Hi, We are to import a lot of existing giftcards from excel. I have followed the suggestion from the post linked in the bottom, and gift cards have been created in [EcomGiftCard] . But run into a few problems. The original giftcard codes throws an er ...
Eva Sommer
31/08/2022 09:13:36
Last post: 03/10/2022 15:26:02
Order Capture (through Scheduled Tasks)
Hi Community, is it possible through a Scheduled Task to do order capture? or do we need to custom code it? DW version 9.10.13. Best regards Søren ...
Søren Jakobsen
07/10/2021 11:09:59
Last post: 03/10/2022 10:14:15
Import related addresses
Hi there, How do I import related address for a user when I don't have the Dynamicweb XML? I receive the following XML for an address: <table tableName="AccessUserAddress"> <item table="AccessUserAddress"> <colu ...
Imar Spaanjaars
30/09/2022 14:12:01
Last post: 30/09/2022 16:45:23
EcomProvider - Importing related products that are variants
Hi, I am trying to import related products, where the related products can be variants. The source XML contains fields for ProductRelatedProductRelID and ProductRelatedProductRelVariantID, but EcomProvider is not allowing me to map the ProductRelated ...
Christian Fisker
23/09/2022 09:09:43
Last post: 29/09/2022 11:00:01
Credentials in Business Central
Hi, I have a question from an ERP partner: ----------------------------------- Kan vi få dynamic web til at bruge api, i stedet for personalizion. I kaldet for at få en token , skal vi have scope: ...
Jonas Krarup Dam
20/04/2022 09:40:50
Last post: 28/09/2022 14:25:07
BC OData V4
Hi One of our client use latest BC version(20.5), where object id 7002 and 7004 doesn't work anymore Endpoints return Bad request with this kind of errors 7002 7004 Client use object id 7001 (Price List Line) If we will use Price List Line(7001), ...
Andrejs Zavorotnijs
27/09/2022 09:37:42
Last post: 27/09/2022 10:49:08
BC documentation
Hi there, The docs for BC ( explain how to copy the service URL, user name and password. Am I correct when I  ...
Imar Spaanjaars
12/09/2022 10:44:05
Last post: 23/09/2022 09:05:02
Hello forum, - has anyone seen this error before? The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error. Response: Exception of type 'Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Types.Exceptions.NavNCLArgumentException' was thrown. Using the built-in & ...
Michael Knudsen
11/09/2022 17:59:15
Last post: 22/09/2022 21:08:07
DynamicwebConnectorService NAV DLL fails quietly when the config file doesn't contain username
See title. When using the NAV endpoint connector, if the config file is set to use NTLM or Windows authentication and the config file doesn't contain a "UserName" node, the request is just returned, making it sort of look like the reque ...
Jonas Krarup Dam
12/09/2022 12:52:33
Last post: 21/09/2022 14:23:46
Multiple Payments/Tender Types on Order
Does DW handle multiple tender types for an order? I have implemented a payment gateway that the user can process a credit card and use loyalty bank points (eBucks) to pay. This then returns two forms of payment, a credit card transaction for some of ...
Andrew Rushworth
06/09/2022 18:47:00
Last post: 20/09/2022 17:13:48
OAuth2.0 with BC Plug-In Unit
Hi DW We have a client running the BC Plug-In unit version with BC20 in cloud. We have tried to switch the authentication from basic to OAuth2.0 and have succesfully gained an access token. But when trying to test the endpoints that works wi ...
Chris Søgaard
19/09/2022 10:31:53
Last post: 20/09/2022 09:44:26
Order checkout: languageId cannot be null
Hi, We have some orders that are not sent to our ERP system. Most goes through just fine, but some fail and are never exported. If we manually export them, they go through. Took a look at some orderlogs of failed ones and fell upon the error below, a ...
Eva Sommer
16/09/2022 15:16:44
Last post: 18/09/2022 21:45:40
Support for multiple countries connected to Anonymous account
Hi, We have a DW site connected to NAV and are using Full Cart mode. We would like anonymous users to be able to order from different countries, depening on the country the VAT will vary. If we setup the countries for the Anonymous user in NAV, will  ...
Justin Sjouw
05/09/2022 14:03:50
Last post: 05/09/2022 20:05:05
BC - OAuth2 generate AccessToken
I try to generate the AccessToken for OAuth2 authentication between DW ang. BC I have created a new authentication in DW and get an Authorization URL I access this URL and login with a user but get this error from BC: OAUTH2 AUTHENTICATION RESULT: Er ...
Jesper Splidsboel
05/09/2022 09:43:08
Last post: 05/09/2022 11:13:20
Import user groups in a tree structure fails
Hello forum, - according to documentation (, it should be possible to import user groups in a tree structure, but I ...
Michael Knudsen
30/08/2022 09:02:40
Last post: 05/09/2022 09:33:21
Error getting invoice pdf from BC
Hi DW. I am trying to generate a pdf invoice from the DW control panel, it is a custom report, not the standard one. If I generate it from BC it works fine, but when I do it from DW, it returns an "Error - Could not load PDF document", as s ...
John Cristian Villamar.
31/08/2022 23:26:13
Last post: 02/09/2022 10:47:18
Updating language independent fields through integration
Hi there, I have a product field called "Blocked for Ecommerce" that determines if an item can be sent to a remote system. My solution contains multiple languages and I marked the field as "Do not allow changes across languages".  ...
Imar Spaanjaars
25/08/2022 15:31:43
Last post: 02/09/2022 08:25:15
OData filtering
Hi We using BC OData integration with endpoints Question about filtering When I using Full replication in Endpoint provider looks like filter works fine But if I change to Delta replication, then additinal filters doesn't work for Delta? One more ...
Andrejs Zavorotnijs
17/08/2022 16:58:15
Last post: 31/08/2022 13:24:50
Issues with connector test tool
Hi, I am struggeling with the test tool. I can only select DynamicwebService. I have tried to download both test tool versions, but with same issue. I even got sent an testool setup from a colleague, where it works on his machine, but not on mine. Wh ...
Eva Sommer
31/08/2022 09:31:22
Last post: 31/08/2022 10:35:11
never mind
Jonas Krarup Dam
15/08/2022 13:15:05
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