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Important:  Did you know: about parameterized conditionals?
The idea of paramaterizing a Data Integration job, is basically that WHERE-conditions are set upon calling a job. So you can have a general job for multiple purposes, by setting the condition variables on the fly. Learn more here: https://doc.dynamic ...
Morten Snedker
14/09/2015 10:24:00
Last post: 09/02/2018 11:43:53
Important:  Data Integration jobs work locally / in test, but not live?
At helpdesk we frequently receive cases like: When running Data Integration jobs locally (test, staging) it works well, but when trying to execute on live solution, it fails (not with error, but just doesn't complete). Solution: Make sure that the we ...
Morten Snedker
11/07/2014 10:18:02
Last post: 27/08/2014 17:08:29
Export an excel (or CSV) file for each order that goes in a specific OrderState
Hi guys, For a project that is not integrated with an ERP, I need to create a file for each order that enters a specific OrderState. What would be the best approach for this? Is there a default way of doing it? If not, what is the best custom way of  ...
Adrian Ursu
13/04/2018 17:16:43
Last post: 13/04/2018 17:51:45
Data Integration Missing...
Hi DW, For some reason my Data Integration is deactive its greyed out and missing from the integration tab. How do i enable it? im on a Full trial license. Attached a screenshot hope it helps you see my problem. Best regards Jannich ...
Jannich Ariyanayagam
26/03/2018 09:13:27
Last post: 28/03/2018 08:31:52
Importing to EComProducts does not add to EcomFieldOption and EcomFieldOptionTranslate
When importing from CSV or Excel to EcomProducts via EcomProvider the Custom fields defined af List types are populated correct in the EcomProducts table. However the different values found, are not added to EcomFieldOption and EcomFieldOptionTransla ...
Lars Bruun
22/03/2018 14:52:45
Last post: 06/04/2018 15:10:31
XML provider - Possible not generating XT files?
Hi, We have XML integration on a site in Dynamicweb version We have experienced our five integrations are creating these XT files everytime the jobs runs. It have resultet 19 GB of XT files in just under a year. (Not so good to have the ser ...
Marie Louise Veigert
22/03/2018 10:06:32
Last post: 22/03/2018 10:14:17
Live integration project not building
I donwloaded and added the Dynamicweb9.Ecommerce.LiveIntegration.VSProject( to my solution. First of all we had to upgrade the project to .net framework 4.6.1 to get the dlls from Nuget, and after that we could add the needed dlls from n ...
David Alexandersson
15/03/2018 13:42:43
Last post: 15/03/2018 14:37:31
Integration token changes when site is hosted in Azure
We have a couple of DW 9 sites hosted in Azure with various integration jobs. Each job is trigged by an external integration process. The problem is that the token generated by DW that is appended to the url changes, making it unable to trigger integ ...
Espen Strømsnes
13/03/2018 13:52:32
Last post: 11/04/2018 14:48:25
Integration options
Hi, We are missing some options in DW Settings -> Integration. See below: We are folowing this guide Under the step "Populating the database" you  ...
09/03/2018 14:58:26
Last post: 09/03/2018 15:08:33
Import AccessUserAddress Fail
Hi I would like to import new shipping address to "AccessUserAddress" table. I had export "AccessUserAddress" to excel to get the Data Dictonary. In this excel, I input the additional new shipping address for an existing user, see attached. After imp ...
Tan Pang Lin
02/03/2018 05:29:50
Last post: 05/03/2018 10:53:39
Running Data Integration job
We have an issue on servers where TLS 1.0 and 1.1 have been disabled. If you access Admin using https and try to run a data integration job, an error is returned. The error is: 'Web exception occured: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpect ...
Terri Donahue
27/02/2018 20:02:30
Last post: 28/02/2018 09:47:54
ErpServiceCaller without Dynamicweb context
Hi there, In the past we used to be able to call the ErPServiceCaller directly from a test connector. However, when I do that now on DW 9, I get this: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Dynamicweb. ...
Imar Spaanjaars
19/02/2018 10:21:02
Last post: 22/02/2018 08:59:27
DynamicwebConnectorService vs AX2012
Anyone else having problems connecting their DynamicwebConnectorService against AX2012 webservices? For 3 days we have been receiving the very descriptive error message: No matching MessageFilter was found for the given Message. Sending requests thro ...
Arnór Halldórsson
16/02/2018 12:33:55
Last post: 19/02/2018 15:57:22
Mailchimp e-commerce integration
Hi, We have a customer who wants mailchimp e-commerce integration with carts, orders, etc. Anybody of you who have experience/module for doing this? /Søren ...
Søren Heide Larsen
13/02/2018 12:49:22
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Cross Origin Server issue
Hi forum We are using DW9 to provide a JSON feed with ECOM data. The feed is made and shows the JSON as needed, however we are then trying to access this from an external website using Angular / Javascript but we are getting Cross Origin Server error ...
John Andersen
13/02/2018 09:23:38
Last post: 13/02/2018 10:02:02
ecom provider and multiple shop
Hi, I have data integrations set up to two shops. If I set "Delete products / groups for languages included in input" it deletes products across all shops! What is the recommended setup om a multiple shop solution to prevent that? DW 9.3.x Regards Ki ...
Kim Søjborg Pedersen
07/02/2018 15:01:08
Last post: 26/02/2018 13:41:21
SQL query. Grouping customers bought items in a list
Hi i'm making a new website for a client. I'm trying to make an SQL query that outputs a list of Ecommerce orders, based on bought products, make sense? I got a SQL query that looks like this (from the old website) SELECT * FROM joom2.fkwhv_virtuemar ...
Jens Mouritzen
05/02/2018 21:19:52
Last post: 15/02/2018 09:21:40
UBL XML Export of order invoices
Hi We have a client who asks if it is possible to export order invoices at UBL XML files. I have attached an example file of what we would like to export. Can this be done without a big hassle? I am hoping for a reasonably simple setup in Data Integr ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
26/01/2018 11:52:06
Last post: 26/01/2018 15:04:32
eConomic integration not working by feb 14 2018
The Dynamicweb integration to eConomic is a good feature for shop customers that are too smal for Nav and is easy to set up. eConomic has informed customers that the integration uses the Connect method that will not work by feb 14 2018. Instead the C ...
Per Søgaard
26/01/2018 10:57:27
Last post: 14/03/2018 13:24:55
XML Provider Export generate file every time
Hi I've setup an export job of orders, with SQL Provider as source and XML Provider as Destination, I have a xsl that format the xml. Every time I run the job I get a xml file, even if there is no rows from the source. Is there anything I can do to p ...
Allan Have Jakobsen
08/01/2018 09:58:51
Last post: 19/01/2018 09:05:35