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All products are deleted after import

Roald Haahr Jensen

We are just about to go live with a simple webshop running 9.6.4, where we are running a product import occasionally. The webshop is available in 4 languages.

The product import consists of 5 table mappings all using the same source file:

  • 4 mappings to EcomProducts. One for each language, where the language ID is set as the corresponding language ID for each shop language.
  • 1 mapping to EcomGroupProductRelation to make sure the structure is in place.

If we check 'Remove missing rows after import' in the destination settings, it will delete all products, including the newly imported products.

It seems like DW somehow regards the imported products as 'missing' products. Is there a setting somewhere that we're missing?


Best regards
Roald, Novicell


Dmitriy Benyuk

Hi Roald,
I suppose you are using the Dynamicweb provider as a destination.
Can you try to set the default language for each of your jobs to the appropriate language and check "Delete products / groups for languages included in input":

Best regards,


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