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Export functionality in SQL FireHose

Hans Ravnsfjall

It would be really nice, if it was possible to export the output you get when selecting/outputting somthing in SQL FIreHose

Regards Hans


Nuno Aguiar


(for administrators only)

Jens Mouritzen
Jens Mouritzen

Has this improved since ?  Is it something we can do in DW 9  ?
I got a query that i would like to export from the SQL firehose

select o.OrderId, o.OrderCustomerName, o.OrderCustomerEmail,o.OrderDate, ol.OrderLineProductName, ol.OrderLineQuantity, ol.OrderLineOrderId
from EcomOrders o
left join EcomOrderLines ol on o.OrderId=ol.OrderLineOrderId

where OrderComplete = 1
and OrderDeleted = 'false'
and OrderDate like '%2018%'
and OrderComplete = 'true'
and OrderTransactionStatus = 'Succeeded'

and OrderLineType = 'product'


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