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Split an order on checkout

Gaëtan Di Caro
Gaëtan Di Caro



One of our customers (B2B shop) wants this  logic on the checkout. The user is allowed to put any quantity in the basket. When the user confirms their order (and not before), if the quantity of certain items goes over the quantity in stock, the order should be split in 2 : one order for the items in stock, and one for the items not in stock.

Is there a possibility to do this out of the box ? Is it even possible in custom code to modify an order in that way at this moment of the checkout process ?




Nicolai Pedersen
Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Gaƫtan

No, that is not possible out of the box. That would be custom - when a order completes, listen to notification, check stock state, copy the order, modify quantity, find out how discounts should be handled (this is why we do not have it....)

If you do not have online payments, that should be relatively easy. If you have online payments and need to split the payment in 2, it might be a little more tricky.

BR Nicolai


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