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product.GetCategories() does not use LanguageId from product

Hans Kloppenborg


We have a solution with multiple languages, defaultlanguage English, and category fields coupled to the products on the productgroups. The categories are only coupled to the default language, since they are the same for all languages.

When I retreive the product in the default language, and then use the GetCategories() method, the categories that are retrieved ignore the language of the product, instead using the language of the active page and thus returning nothing.

I would think this is a bug, but cannot find any information in the documantation (the call is even marked obsolete in the current docs, seems that the 9.4 documentation is semi active)

Greets Hans


Nicolai Pedersen
Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Hans

To begin with, I need a couple of screenshots of your setup and some code to see what you do. Including your fields settings. Not sure I understand how you have set this up and what you are trying to achieve.

Thanks, Nicolai


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