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Order Confirmations sometimes not sent

Anett Nissen
Anett Nissen

Hi there

We have a Client on 9.9.8 with a problem that has been going on for quite som time and the Support team directed me to try to get some help here on the Forum.

The problem is that 1 out of maybe 50 orders a confirmation email is not sent to the B2C customer from DW
The line in the Orderlog that normally shows which email the Confirmation has been sent to is simply missing from the log

It looks like an error happens in this method - it does log "Send notification emails.", but it does not get to log which adress it sends to. Inbetween the 2 normal loglines an error seems to happen. Unfortunately the error does not seem to be catched and logged

// Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.Cart.Frontend
private static void SendMails(Order order, ModuleSettings settings, int pageID) 

Anybody with experience on this or who can maybe take a look at types of errors that may not be catched and logged with this metod?