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Is there a way to sell subscriptions

Nataliya Hanicheva


I need to create a service for limited in time subscriptions. I didn’t find how to do this in DynamicWeb.  I hope you can help me with this issue.

We want to sell subscriptions for services. So, e. g. when user buys a subscription for a year, he can receive discounts for a products or services. After the subscription time expires, user must automatically lose his subscription, but also, if possible, can gain a chance to prolong his current subscription.

Is there any way of doing this in standard Dynamicweb, or maybe there is a solution for this?




Nicolai Pedersen
Nicolai Pedersen
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Hi Nataliya

We cannot out of the box. But it should be fairly simple to achieve.

  1. On a user, create a number of custom fields
    1. Subscription startdate
    2. Subscription enddate
    3. Subscription type (if you have more than one level of subscriptions that can be bought)
  2. Create a product that is your subscription and give it a price
  3. When a user wants the subscription, they would have to
    1. Create an account or login
    2. Buy the subscription product
    3. Pay for it using credit card
    4. Optionally: Use recurring orders to automatically renew after subscription ends, i.e. a year.
  4. Now you need to do some custom
    1. Create a CheckoutDoneOrderIsComplete notification subscriber (These are fired when someone buys something)
    2. In this one, if the order contains an orderline with the subscription product, update the custom user fields with information on subscription dates and type
    3. Now you can see on a user what subscription was bought and when it ends
  5. In user management create a group (Or one group for each subscription product)
  6. Custom again
    1. Create a userloggedin notification subscriber
    2. In this one, if the user has a valid subscription, add the corresponding user group to the user that logged in.
    3. Now the user is member of a group that is related to the subscriptioin
  7. Use discount module and/or price matrix, permissions etc. based on that user group to provide benefits for users with this kind of subscription

That is a relatively simple way to achieve the functionality. You need a couple of notification subscribers, and thats it.

BR Nicolai

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Nataliya Hanicheva

Thank you, Nicolai! It was much helpful.

Nataliya Hanicheva

Hi again, sorry to bother.

The solution you gave is great, but, unfortunately, we don't have a possibility to edit code in the project in order to add subscribers.  Are there any ready modules for these services without project re-deploying?


Nicolai Pedersen
Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Natalia

No, sorry, we do not. I would have said if we had :-).

I've asked your PAM to contact you for further discussion.

BR Nicolai


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