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Update to 9.4.5 Lucene error

Cátia Torego

After the upgrade to 9.4.5 i started get this error in the product list template. What can be causing this issue?


Rui Silva

Hi all,


I did a little digging into this issue and found that is related to the sort order. The query has a sort order:

And when we add a new paragraph to a page, by default DW adds the same sort order:

With these settings we will get the error on the page rendering. If you remove the “sort by” from the query or from the paragraph it will start to work.


I’ve tested this in 9.4.5 and 9.4.6 versions.

Oleg Rodionov
Oleg Rodionov
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Hi all,

Actually, it's known issue bugged with TFS 47731 related to exception during viewing an repository and PIM query has sorting (backend/fronted), the fix will be provided with next DW947. Sorry for the delayed answer.

BR, Oleg QA

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