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Custom module in DW8 using removed namespace - any workaround?

Marie Louise Veigert
Marie Louise Veigert


We have some time back upgraded a solution from DW8 to a DW 9.4.9.

The solution have a custom module, which uses a removed namespace: Dynamicweb.Backend

<%@ Import Namespace="Dynamicweb.Backend" %>

It's in the aspx file.

I have tried to search the doc site for information on upgrading a module. The module works in the frontend, but I get an error on the namespace, when I want to edit it in the backend.

Are there some workaround to this error or do we have to rewrite the entire module?


Marie Louise


Imar Spaanjaars
Imar Spaanjaars

The Import itself does nothing. You need to figure out which types you use from Dynamicweb.Backend and find a replacement or new location for those. Just take out the Import statement and see what errors you get...


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