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Ignoring an invalid row in a table script
Hello, I'm creating some Table Scripts and there are times when the row from the source isn't a valid row. I would like to have that be ignored rather than entering the data from the invalid row. What's the best way to null out or invalidate the row  ...
Scott Forsyth
16/06/2018 18:37:22
Last post: 18/06/2018 09:39:11
Dynamicweb 9 / Nuget.
Lately i have had the pleasure of working with Dynamicweb 9 and Nuget, and find it quite exciting, but also often a challenge... First of. I installed a version 9.3.4 and a version 9.3.5 both from scratch and completely new installations. Followed yo ...
Per Jensen
14/11/2017 12:06:35
Last post: 15/06/2018 15:22:05
Page ID must be greater than 0, but it was 0
Hi, I have upgraded a solution from DW 9.2 to 9.4.14 and now i get the following error. Page ID must be greater than 0, but it was 0 Can anoyone help? BR Thomas ...
Thomas Larsen
15/06/2018 08:10:19
Last post: 15/06/2018 08:21:54
Dynamicweb 9 Wrap
Hi, I'm trying to test different dynamicweb versions for a bug involving paragraph expiration timers. To test this i want to have a standard setup of dynamicweb 9. However i am unable to find any downloads for the Files folder and sql db both for dyn ...
Anders Ditlevsen
10/06/2018 15:23:44
Last post: 11/06/2018 15:03:10
Use Dynamicweb as External login provider for another application
Hello, I have a custom mvc application next to a Dynamicweb solution. Right now it uses its own login provider. I would like to be able to log into that application using the user credentials from Dynamicweb. I need 2 features : The customer should b ...
Gaëtan Di Caro
16/05/2018 15:05:01
Last post: 11/06/2018 09:54:12
Nuget install : Unable to load one or more of the requested types.
Hello, I have tried to install a DW solution using nuget, but I'm having this error message when I run the website (see screenshot) : "Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information." I  ...
Gaëtan Di Caro
30/04/2018 11:34:30
Last post: 07/06/2018 14:24:40
Google Calendar API
Have anyone used the Google Calendar API in a project? I have to use it in a event calendar, basiscly just to pull events from the calendar, and display them on the frontend. Anyone have an ide ...
Jens Mouritzen
04/06/2018 20:19:16
Last post: 07/06/2018 13:41:56
Read settings from current index being build
Is there any way to read the settings in the IndexBuilderExtender extension? I want to build a custom IndexBuilderExtender that will behave differently based on an index build settings: but did not find any way to read settings on the doc being proce ...
Rui Silva
05/06/2018 15:09:42
Last post: 06/06/2018 10:29:15
Facets outputs value instead of label
Hi Dynamicweb I have opened a support case with the following number: CAS-115412-MTXGTD where I described that I have a custom product field which is of the type "multiselect list" and when I am trying to output the facets label, and I get the value  ...
Bogdan Ciocsan
20/04/2016 11:11:06
Last post: 06/06/2018 07:52:39
Razor View Models intellisense on MAC
Ok, hopefully I wont get shot for asking this question, and this is probably a long shot. But I hope someone can help me. I am originally a frontend developer, slowly working my way towards more advanced stuff. Case is, I am working on a APPLE MAC en ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
11/01/2018 11:28:52
Last post: 06/06/2018 07:26:11
Get countries from ShippingMethod
Hi, We would like to get the list of countries, which are selected in the ShippingMethod. We need it for a dropdown in checkout. DW version: 9.3.8 I have looked at the templatetags and in the API, but havn't found something usefull. Does anyone know  ...
Marie Louise Veigert
04/06/2018 10:52:45
Last post: 04/06/2018 14:43:29
Custom authorization
Hi guys, I am trying to protect a page using some custom code. We have a third party that submits a custom header. When the header is missing or invalid, I like to set a 401. I have something like this: [Subscribe(Standard.Application.AfterBeginReque ...
Imar Spaanjaars
24/05/2018 00:58:47
Last post: 01/06/2018 13:26:49
user.Item is missing in 9.4.x (tested: 9.4.12)
Hi, Where do I find the Item property on Dynamicweb.Security.UserManagement.User? Allan ...
Allan Iversen
29/05/2018 11:15:19
Last post: 30/05/2018 23:25:06
Read from EcomProducts WITH (NOLOCK)
Hi Dynamicweb, We have an issue with some heavy update of products from dataintegration jobs and I hope you could add som table hints when accessing the database? E.g. we have a specific issue with products and exceptions like this. Exception: System ...
Anders Ebdrup
29/05/2018 15:24:15
Last post: 29/05/2018 22:10:12
Overrule stock check
Hi Dynamicweb, We have two shops in the same solution, where we need different stock checks; one should reserve when items are added to basket and you are not allowed to order more than we have in stock. I the other shop you can as many items as you  ...
Anders Ebdrup
27/05/2018 19:59:38
Last post: 29/05/2018 15:25:18
Forgot password with new permission model
Hi Dynamicweb, After switching to the new permission model the regular "Forgot password" (just placing a form on any page) does not work any more as this check: PageIsAccessibleForUser(Converter.ToInt32(reader("AccessUserID"))) in ForgotPassword retu ...
Anders Ebdrup
16/05/2018 23:13:16
Last post: 29/05/2018 13:15:13
ABCpdf and license
Hi, We are in the process of buying a Standard License to ABCpdf 11 from WebSuperGoo. How will this work with the existing version 9 of ABCpdf in Dynamicweb 9.3.10? Can they coexist or do we risk breaking things up? -- Best regards Kurt Moskjaer Ande ...
Kurt Moskjær Andersen
19/04/2018 09:06:27
Last post: 29/05/2018 11:56:22
Dataprocessing.GiveConsent question
Hi, I am trying to give consent to a user. I have a problem with the requestInfo part. How would that look? serviceDataProcessing.GiveConsent(activityId, userId, "User", requestInfo); Can you provide a complete example of how this function with data  ...
Jan Sangill
22/05/2018 11:33:12
Last post: 22/05/2018 12:54:43
DW9/Rapido best practice VSTS/GIT setup
We have been using VSTS/GIT for our DW projects for a while, and have a okay setup for this, including automated build/release. But with newer versions of DW9 and specially Rapido on top of that. Do you have a best practice setup regarding VSTS/GIT i ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
07/05/2018 11:19:28
Last post: 16/05/2018 09:01:38
Concurrency violation exception in ecommerce
Hello, We are experiencing occasionally DBConcurrencyExceptions ( Concurrency violation: the UpdateCommand affected 0 of the expected 1 records. at ) on during our order checkouts and our custom checkout handler. We managed to resolve most of the con ...
Antek Drzewiecki
09/05/2018 17:56:48
Last post: 09/05/2018 18:05:47