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jQuery added to 3 files in Admin
Hi, I have at the moment added <script src="/Admin/Resources/js/jquery-2.1.1.min.js"></script> in this file for example: ItemListEdit.aspx Is there are more clever way for me to add jquery to all pages in admin, without having to alter th ...
Jan Sangill
23/01/2018 23:14:59
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Custom property on user
Hello! I am trying to create a custom property on a user but I can't seem to find how to do it. I tried creating an item with my custom values on it and connecting it to a user group, but they don't show up in the frontend when I call TemplateTags, a ...
Oscar Romin
23/01/2018 15:28:54
Last post: 23/01/2018 21:07:45
Update cached database for admin
Hello! I work together with a coworker and we are sharing the databaseconnection for our adminsites. But when he changes something it does not immediately show up on my end. If we wait some time then the sites become synced though so it seems to be a ...
Oscar Romin
22/01/2018 10:56:52
Last post: 22/01/2018 11:02:53
Index - Boosting field in summary extender?
Hey all, This might be a pretty far fetched question.. However, we have implemented a group index by utilizing the SQL index builder which works quite well. However, as we have multiple fields in the summary field we're using to extract data for the  ...
Mikkel Toustrup Olsen
18/01/2018 14:26:26
Last post: 19/01/2018 07:15:58
Memory leaks with abcpdf
Hello, We are experiencing some serious memory issues when generating pdf's with "?pdf=true" as the memory consumption by the iis is not lowered after generating the pdf report. When the memory usage is not falling we see that the server crashes or t ...
Anders Ebdrup
17/01/2018 23:21:28
Last post: 18/01/2018 08:54:24
Where do I put my C# files
Hello! I was following this tutorial and it tells me to create a file, but where do I create a file? In Files? Maybe I'm stupid but  ...
Oscar Romin
16/01/2018 16:23:30
Last post: 17/01/2018 11:22:12
Use 'ProductService.GetProductByNumber' instead
Hi guys, It might be a stupid question to ask, therefore I appologise in advance. I am trying to get a product based on the PrductNumber. I have searched the APi and found a method (Product.GetProductByNumber) that is marked as Obsolete. In order to  ...
Adrian Ursu
15/01/2018 16:57:56
Last post: 16/01/2018 08:53:36
Razor View Models intellisense on MAC
Ok, hopefully I wont get shot for asking this question, and this is probably a long shot. But I hope someone can help me. I am originally a frontend developer, slowly working my way towards more advanced stuff. Case is, I am working on a APPLE MAC en ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
11/01/2018 11:28:52
Last post: 11/01/2018 15:33:56
Code first items, editors with parameters.
Hi Guys I'm somewhat new to codefirst items. I'm trying to have a field with a user group selector (UserEditor), but i cant find any documentation of how to add parameters to editors when used in combination with code first items. The UserEditor is s ...
Simon Nordahl
10/01/2018 14:25:26
Last post: 17/01/2018 11:32:26
Deleting items and creating items on website settings
Hey I am currently trying to Retrieve and delete/create items on an itemList, which is located on the websites setting of this particular website in a dynamicweb solution. I am able to acquire the itemList and loop through the items like this: ItemLi ...
Anders Ditlevsen
10/01/2018 09:12:23
Last post: 10/01/2018 13:05:54
Ecom tags not working in Razor View
Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the template tags for Razor. I have been looking in the documentation for retrieving the @GetString("Ecom:Product.VariantID"), as well as @GetInteger("Ecom:Product.VariantCount") in the *.cshtml view. I als ...
Bo Leanderson
26/12/2017 17:22:41
Last post: 27/12/2017 12:28:33
DW8: Else-section is missing for importing SecondaryUsers
Hi Dynamicweb, I am trying to import secondary user relations into DW8, but only the first hit for an impersonation user is found, as the else-section is missing is this code section (UpdateUserSecondaryRelationBeforeMoveToMainTable): if (!processedS ...
Anders Ebdrup
21/12/2017 13:09:49
Last post: 23/01/2018 23:19:07
Constraint: Newtonsoft.Json (= 8.0.3)
Do you have any plans regarding updating the constraint of Newtonsoft.Json from 8.0.3 to 10.x.x? Error Unable to resolve dependencies. 'Newtonsoft.Json 10.0.3' is not compatible with 'Dynamicweb 9.3.10 constraint: Newtonsoft.Json (= 8.0.3)', 'Dynamic ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
20/12/2017 14:32:04
Last post: 21/12/2017 11:16:09
.NET Core 2.0 vs Dynamicweb
Have anyone tried to create a .NET Core 2.0 application integrated with Dynamicweb? I tried to add the Dynamicweb NuGet package, and got this warning. 'Dynamicweb 9.3.10' was restored using '.NETFramework,Version=v4.6.1' instead of the project target ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
20/12/2017 10:21:34
Last post: 20/12/2017 12:03:25
Access to logs for custom scheduled task
Hi guys, I have a custom scheduled task that does some logging. To make it easier for users to find the log, I want to implement the logging in such a way that it works with the built-in right-click option. For that, I analyzed the source code and di ...
Imar Spaanjaars
19/12/2017 16:13:32
Last post: 27/12/2017 13:33:30
Culture is not supported.
We have one server that shows this error: Server Error in '/' Application. Culture is not supported. Parameter name: name en-001 is an invalid culture identifier. Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web re ...
David Alexandersson
19/12/2017 13:01:56
Last post: 19/12/2017 16:47:47
Checkout Handler
Hi, I need to build a custom Checkout Handler for Collector Bank. But I cannot find any documentation for that to DW8. /Aki ...
Aki Ruuskanen
18/12/2017 13:59:54
Last post: 22/12/2017 08:06:27
GiftCard stopped working
Hi Guys, Today customer contacted, and reported an issue with giftcards. They worked perfectly before, but now then stopped completely. Am running out of ideas on what can be wrong? Codes are valid and where not used (checked that). I am trying to us ...
Dimitrij Jazel
12/12/2017 11:23:18
Last post: 18/12/2017 09:31:33
File properties in codefirst item
Hi Everyone I am having a hard time locating the options to allow for frontend upload and also the option to allow max files on my codefirst. Running version 9.3.8 ...
Casper Andersen
07/12/2017 16:11:23
Last post: 08/12/2017 19:32:41
Getting area property item from api
Hi, I'm trying to get a hold of an item, which is added as a custom property to an area, from within a NotificiationSubscriber. I have used the Dynamicweb.Content.AreaService, to get a hold of the area, but cannot find out how to get the specific ite ...
Kurt Moskjær Andersen
06/12/2017 10:35:42
Last post: 07/12/2017 07:52:17