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How to Debug Razor code in templates?
Hi DynamicWeb, Is there a way to Debug Razor code in templates? I tried to Attach to proccess (w3wp) but with no success (this was working for template extenders). Thanks, ...
Davor Zlotrg
11/07/2014 16:17:37
Last post: 15/01/2021 16:04:09
Avoid having orderlines removed?
Dear Dynamicweb, We have a situation where a salesperson can create a quote for a user with items that are outside the assortment of the user, and the user should then be able to accept the quote with these items. When impersonating we can give the s ...
Anders Ebdrup
24/10/2020 12:39:42
Last post: 15/01/2021 15:42:49
Secure WebAPI with OAuth
Are there examples on how to secure the WebApi with OAuth? Thinking of adding Okta to one api, in order to secure it, but then I need to do changed in Startup.cs. Can that be extended, or are there other solutions to this? ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
28/12/2020 01:31:55
Last post: 14/01/2021 23:24:52
Add orderline using API
Hi In the notification "BeforeRenderingNewStep" I need to add an orderline to the cart. The orderline must be with an existing product but the price of the product is variable and must therefore be set for the added orderline. I have tried a lot of d ...
Lars Larsen
12/01/2021 09:54:25
Last post: 13/01/2021 12:44:27
Code first Item tab example
Hey I am looking for an example for using an item tab in the code first approach. I found the following: ...
Claus Kølbæk
07/12/2020 13:26:30
Last post: 13/01/2021 09:19:03
Extending ValidateOrder(settings As ModuleSettings, order As Order)
Hi Dynamicweb, We need to make some custom validation on the orders. Will it be possible to hook into the validation rutine in: ValidateOrder(settings As ModuleSettings, order As Order), so we can add our custom validations and errors to the list? Be ...
Anders Ebdrup
11/04/2019 17:51:41
Last post: 11/01/2021 18:56:39
Deploy changes to demo site
Hello. Can I deploy any custom changes to my demo site? I want to configure CD, and use my demo site like production page. ...
Pavlo Rishko
03/11/2020 16:57:50
Last post: 11/01/2021 15:41:07
Method AuthenticateRequestArgs.get_Application() not found with DW 9.9.6
Hello: I had a web page that use a custom WebApi by following the next post: Before update DW to 9.9.6 all works  ...
Jose Caudevilla
04/01/2021 16:21:03
Last post: 05/01/2021 09:30:41
Check if inside DW context?
Hi, I'm sharing some of my code between DW and non-DW projects. Is there a proper way to check programmatically if I am inside a DW context? Everything I've tried to use in the Dynamicweb libraries throws null references. I know I could put up try-ca ...
Kasper Laursen
04/01/2021 10:22:22
Last post: 04/01/2021 13:12:47
Replace ImageGlue with MagicScaler
Hi there, I am trying to replace ImageGlue with MagicScaler. I can successfully add the package Dynamicweb.Imaging.Providers.MagicScalerProviders to my solution. When I then build my project and manually delete Dynamicweb.Imaging.Providers.ImageGlueP ...
Imar Spaanjaars
02/01/2021 15:33:57
Last post: 04/01/2021 12:59:36
Bug in new user registration when cart has items
i am getting bug on new user register when items in the cart. at Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.Cart.CartSession.Add(String key, Object value) at Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.Common.Context.SetCart(Order cart, User user, OrderContext orderContext) at Dynamicweb.Ecomme ...
Shiwanka Chathuranga
21/12/2020 17:33:33
Last post: 23/12/2020 11:11:25
Range price facet
Hi: I have to implement a range price facet. This range has to contain the maximun and minimun price of a set of products. For example , if i have a set of bikes the minimun is 100 and the maximun is 10000. So if i want to get only the white bikes by ...
Jose Caudevilla
20/02/2020 10:37:42
Last post: 22/12/2020 22:36:19
Query with sort order throwing IndexOutOfBounds
I am having an issue with the below code. The code throws the following exception: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. at Lucene.Net.Search.AnonymousClassLongParser1.ParseLong(String val) at Lucene.Net.Search.F ...
Kasper Laursen
22/12/2020 11:57:20
Last post: 22/12/2020 13:12:52
Reading from an index?
This seems like a very trivial question, but I have been unable to figure out how to perform even the simplest of queries against an index using code. The simplest of pointers or any link to documentation on this would be much appreciated. Best Regar ...
Kasper Laursen
22/12/2020 08:17:08
Last post: 22/12/2020 09:58:32
Redirect URLs that contain multiple forward slashes and/or uppercase letters
Hi, Is there an easy way to avoid multiple forward slashes in DW 9 URLs? For example and should both redirect to for SEO purposes to avoid duplicate content. And while  ...
Roald Haahr
21/12/2020 10:51:25
Last post: 21/12/2020 15:31:49
Scheduled task Method options?
Hi, I am in need of creating a scheduled task and have looked through the documentation for this. I will probaly build an addin for this, but wanted to properly understand my options. I have the following questions: What are my options with the Metho ...
Kasper Laursen
18/12/2020 15:43:06
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Improvement of creating user in checkout
Dear Dynamicweb, We have some suggestions to the handling of user creation in the checkout. First is will be great if you can change the behaviour of "Context.Current.Request("EcomUserCreateNew") IsNot Nothing" to actually check for a boolean and not ...
Anders Ebdrup
28/09/2020 21:58:42
Last post: 18/12/2020 10:52:00
How to calculate the lowest price?
Hi, We have a requirement for calculating the lowest price for a customer, which means calculating the overall lowest price including discounts. So the lowest price found in the EcomPrices-table may not be the lowest as a customer can be related to a ...
Anders Ebdrup
09/12/2020 19:52:56
Last post: 10/12/2020 09:37:16
Issue with obsolete method CustomerProductListProduct - after update to 9.9.4 times out
Hi, I was using this method in 9.6.5: IEnumerable<Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.CustomerCenter.CustomerProductListProduct> customerProductListProducts = Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.CustomerCenter.CustomerProductListProduct.GetPagedProductsByListId(Convert.ToIn ...
Jan Sangill
07/12/2020 19:17:43
Last post: 09/12/2020 13:19:22
BeforeCustomFieldValueIsChanged not hit for checkboxes
Dear Dynamicweb, We see that the notification subscriber: BeforeCustomFieldValueIsChanged (and BeforeCustomFieldValueIsSet etc.) is not fired for checkboxes. Please find this code in SetPostValues: Dim valueChanged As Boolean = value <> Convert ...
Anders Ebdrup
02/12/2020 13:32:50
Last post: 02/12/2020 14:07:44