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Installing 9.4

Mikkel Høst

Hi guys.

Using this guide

Can't seem to the application up and running. Getting several different errors.

With the packages approach the web.config get's messed up. Replacing the web.config with the one from the zip file results in a login error - where we want to see the installer.

Are we missing something? 

Are any body else having issue with getting the 9.4 up and running?




Adrian Ursu
Adrian Ursu

Hi Mikkel,

I personally tried to set up 9.4 + Rapido Beta 2.0.

I gave up after 2 hours.

It is obvious something is missing either in the documentation or in the archive. Or my level of expertise :)

If somebody else was successful, please help.



Mikkel Høst

We took an already existing database and GlobalSettings.aspx with SQL login to that DB and then it worked. But not really a great approach to getting a new site up and running.

Nicolai Pedersen
Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Mikkel

We had an issue with the setup guide going into exception on new solutions. But since you forgot to post the error you got, I do not know if that is the case.

The setup exception is fixed in 9.4.1 due anytime.

BR Nicolai


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