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DLL Issues in an MVC project

Oscar Romin
Oscar Romin


I have tried to set up an environment in an MVC structure for a few days now, but something always breaks. The newest issue I have is that while logged in to backend the dlls are sometimes skipped, see attached image. Only sometimes though. Any ideas what the issue might be here? 

I have an admin-folder with a bunch of dlls in the /bin, and I've dragged all these dlls into my projects /bin as well, I don't know if that might be related. It doesn't really say as far as I can tell which dlls in which folder its actually skipping and/or using. 

The admin folder is also set as a Virtual Directory in the IIS just so you know. 




Jeppe Eriksson Agger
Jeppe Eriksson Agger

Hi Oscar,

That behavior is seen when you have a custom solution -- a solution where the admin and the bin folders are not in the same location. Dynamicweb will try to keep the packaged assemblies up-to-date from the admin to the bin. In other words, if the admin folder is using a different version of Dynamicweb than the bin folder you're using in your solution, it will copy the bin folder from the admin-location into yours and replace the existing files. Note though that custom dll's shouldn't be affected by this.

I'm not quite sure why you're getting this if you're only adding custom dll's. The only reason I can see is if the Dynamicweb assemblies in either bin folder keep changing independently or if your custom dll's have been added to the bin folder in the admin-location.

- Jeppe


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