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Problem with anti-spam feature breaking our websites

Craig Nellist

Hi, Quick question for everyone.

Spammers found our websites and spammed us using the forms. I turned on the anti-spam feature in DW and this did work. However, when it was turned on it immediately broke all our websites. The home page would load, but all the navigation would break (hyperlinks were in their default.aspx?id=999 format usually only seen in admin - and they wouldn't load) and if you tried to load a page from its friendly url it would 404. A quick recycle of the app pools fixed this, but randomly it can come back, breaking all our websites again (even ones that aren't being spammed). I've managed to code around this and impletement our own anti-spam, but I wanted to mention this to see if it's an issue others have had and if they found a way around it.

We're running four websites with dynamicweb version 9.4 on IIS 10.



Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Craig

I have a very hard time to see how those 2 things are related. The antispam runs only on posts of forms and cannot interfere with the translation of URLs. If these are related it can only be because you might have a corrupt GlobalSettings file - maybe have a look at that and see if it is valid XML.

Otherwise I would like to see the solution and the problem - then we can have a look at what the cause is. We have not heard this before - and 9.4 is a couple of years old release, so I am sure we would have heard something.

Since this is a 9.4, consider upgrading to 9.6 or 9.7 - security has been strengthen quite a bit since then.

BR Nicolai


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