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Page permissions and website permissions

Fabio Monte
Fabio Monte


Is there any difference between setting permissions in the website settings vs page permissions?

Reading the documentation for permissions it doesn't mention if there could possibly be any differences.

I've tested both options and they set permissions on all pages as it should be but we are opting to set it in the website settings just in case there is any page or new page left out (also tested with creating a new page after setting permissions and it also inherited the settings)

Or is there something more we should take into account?

PagePermissions.png Website_permissions.jpg


Carsten Boll Dynamicweb Employee
Carsten Boll

Hello Fabio :)

When you set page permissions they should only cover the content tree - whereas the permissions set at the website settings level also include, well, access to the website settings.

The rationale is that you may want to give editors full access to content tree operations so that they can set permissions at the page level for frontend users, but you don't necessarily want to give them access to layouts, default Ecommerce settings, etc.

Of course, the page permissions node is under the website settings node, so any permissions set at the website settings level will be inherited downstream unless specifically overwritten by a more specific permission :)

Edit: I don't know why this was allowed to linger for so long unanswered - apologies!


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